What are We Doing on Earth for Christ's Sake?

Author: Richard Leonard

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 1587684268

Category: Christian life

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Addressing the world in which Christians live, bestselling author Richard Leonard asks who we are before God and how we can be more confident in our faith in a loving God.

What Are We Doing on Earth for Christ's Sake?

Author: Richard Leonard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780809149025

Category: Religion

Page: 184

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This book by bestselling author Richard Leonard asks who we are before God, how we can be confident in our faith in a loving God, and addresses the world in which Christians live.

Where the Hell Is God?

Author: Richard Leonard, Sj

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 1616430850

Category: RELIGION

Page: 48

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Combines professional insights along with the author's own experience and insights to speculate on how believers can make sense of their Christian faith when confronted with tragedy and suffering.

Why Bother Praying?

Author: Richard Leonard, SJ

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 1587682273

Category: RELIGION

Page: 160

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Written by the best selling author of Where the Hell Is God?, this accessible volume is for everyone who wonders how to pray, everyone who wonders what happens when you pray, and everyone who wonders if God hears our prayers.

What Does It All Mean?

A Guide to Being More Faithful, Hopeful, and Loving

Author: Richard Leonard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780809106417

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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What Does It All Mean? brings together into one volume three previous works on belief and its challenges: Where the Hell Is God?, Why Bother Praying?, and What Are We Doing on Earth for Christ's Sake? This work revises, restructures, edits, augments, and develops the early works into a single coherent case for belief. It does not shy away from the biggest challenges to faith inside and outside of the Church, but outlines a contemporary and accessible response to the issues that confront and sometimes confound believers today. It has an index for easy and quick reference.

A Voice Undefeated

Author: Collin Raye

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1586178172

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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When Collin Raye's powerful, golden voice dazzled the country music scene in 1991 with his Number One hit single "Love, Me", country music listeners fell in love with one of the great voices of our time. A new star was rising, and Collin's success continued throughout the nineties with over eight million records sold. Raye's autobiography, A Voice Undefeated, gives readers a down-to-earth account of the author's personal and professional life. From his childhood in Arkansas and Texas through his days with the Wray Brothers Band in Oregon and Reno to his rise to international stardom, this book is both a journey to the top of the music world and an intimate diary of a soul that has suffered great professional and personal losses. Many who love Collin Raye, the successful country music artist, don't know much about Collin Raye, the man, and the many trials he has endured with faith and courage. Most recently his beloved nine-year-old granddaughter, Haley, died in 2010 from an undiagnosed neurological disease. Since Haley's death, Collin has become an advocate for the sick and disabled and has established the Haley Bell BlessŽd Chair Foundation to provide wheelchairs to families with special needs children. This is a remarkable, inspirational story told by the man who lived it. It is a story of faith, of struggle, of suffering, of profound love, and ultimately of triumph in the midst of tragedy. Includes 32 pages of color photos. Includes DVD of never-before-seen personal interview and three songs written by Collin, "Undefeated", "She's With Me", and "Give Me Jesus" that are intimate to his story. Ê

Beloved Daughters

100 Years of Papal Teaching on Women

Author: Richard Leonard

Publisher: Morehouse Publishing


Category: Popes

Page: 120

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Key papal documents form Leo XIII to John Paul III are analysed as having two not completely compatible orientations to women and their roles - papal pronouncements on Mary and on Catholic social doctrine. These are compared with some Catholic feminist theological viewpoints, particularly Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza. Foreword by Elizabeth Johnson CSJ. Includes bibliography, and indexes of papal and church documents, names and topics. Author is a Melbourne Jesuit priest.

Framing Faith

Author: Matthew Knisely

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0529102226

Category: Religion

Page: 182

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Stop. Slow down. Be present. The moment matters. Like a photographer or storyteller, Jesus exhibited time and again how easy it is to capture moments of profound importance just by noticing, stopping, and responding to his surroundings. In a world moving way too fast, Framing Faith is a book for people seeking to focus their lives, to find a deeper knowledge of God, and a more authentic Christian faith. In this modern age, many of us fill every “spare” moment we have rather than taking an intermission to see the true works of God and realize that he is present in every moment. Matt Knisely communicates biblical truths in a fresh way, allowing you to really hear them, as if for the first time. He illustrates a new way to see God and to help us live in the moment through the exploration of various photography concepts, including perspective, composition, processing, and darkness versus light. His probing questions and unexpected presentation lead readers into a place of honest self-examination, causing them to ask, “Am I listening to God?” Framing Faith provokes its readers toward reflection; it reveals God is in everything we see and do.

Don't Waste Your Life (Redesign)

Author: John Piper

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 1433555530

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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“If you live gladly to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full.” —from the Introduction The American Dream beckons people to spend their lives on trivial diversions, slipping through life caught up with seeking success, comfort, and pleasure above all else. But God designed people for far more than this. In this best-selling book, John Piper makes a passionate plea to the next generation to avoid the dangers of a wasted life, calling us to take risks and make sacrifices that matter for eternity—with a single, soul-satisfying passion for the glory of God that seeks to make much of him in every sphere of our lives.

Exploring the Miraculous

Author: Michael O'Neill

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

ISBN: 1612789587

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Come explore the miraculous with "Miracle Hunter" Michael O'Neill! O'Neill, a graduate of Stanford University, member of the Mariological Society of America, and host of the television series "Miracle Hunters", takes you on an amazing tour of miracles large and small, and answers some of our most burning questions: Are miracles all that important? What do miracles have to do with me? How does the Church determine if a miracle is valid? What do miracle cures have to do with canonization? Do saints perform miracles? What are apparitions and why do they appear? What's a "Eucharistic miracle"? Can statues, icons, or effigies really be miraculous? What about incorruptibles and stigmata? Thoroughly researched and documented, Exploring the Miraculous will enlighten and fascinate, but most of all will guide us to Christ, who is the center of our lives and the true object of our faith.

What Catholics Are Free to Believe or Not

Author: Fr. H.G. Hughes

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

ISBN: 1622823516

Category: Religion

Page: 118

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Fatima, relics, miracles and more: about these and scores of other claims of the Catholic Faith, most people are simply wrong . . . including many Catholics! They're mistaken about what the Church really requires believers to accept, and unclear about just what She's left to the discretion of the faithful. To overcome these errors which can breed doubts and confusion in Catholics and non-Catholics alike the late Father Hughes here provides clear, succinct, detailed answers to what Catholics are bound to believe and practice, and what they're free to dismiss. Without diluting or minimizing the obligations of Catholics, Fr. Hughes eliminates many obstacles to the conversion of Protestants who find troubling or even objectionable one or more non-essential beliefs or practices of the Church. From these eye-opening pages, you'll learn: The real reason Catholics accept the doctrines of the Church: it's simpler than you may thinkThe very minimum every Catholic must believe and do: do you know where the line is drawn?The worship and services that all Catholics must render to God (Can you name them?) and the ones they are free to practice or notHow inquirers (and believers, as well) can assent to the Catholic faith without knowing each and every one of her teachingsWhy the Church will not in fact, cannot ever ask the faithful to assent to a proven truth of reasonWhich miracles all Catholics are required to accept and the ones they can legitimately doubt (plus, an easy way to tell the difference)How revelation gives birth to and limits the reach of the Church's doctrinal authorityThat, contrary to popular belief, the Church since apostolic times has never taught a new doctrine and canWhere the Church has authority over the conclusions of science (and where She has none)The religious obedience is due even to some non-infallible declarations of the ChurchWhat, precisely, Catholics are required to accept in Church pronouncements about apparitions, relics, scapulars, shrines, holy images, and other popular devotions, and what they need not believe These brisk, refreshing pages sweep away countless errors and confusions about the Catholic faith, showing Catholics and non-Catholics that it is far more reasonable and inviting than its critics claim: indeed, the only faith fully the respects the conscience and intelligence of creatures while conveying the full truth to them about the love of God for them and their obligations to Him.

Desiring God

Meditations of a Christian Hedonist

Author: John Piper

Publisher: Multnomah Pub

ISBN: 1601423098

Category: Religion

Page: 411

View: 8550

Experience the Lifelong Pleasures of Knowing God! Satisfaction…Happiness…Joy. According to John Piper, the pursuit of pleasure in God is not only permissible, it’s essential. Desiring God is a paradigm-shattering work that dramatically alters common perspectives on relating to God. Piper reveals that there really is no need to choose between duty and delight in the Christian life. In fact, for the follower of Jesus, delight is the duty as Christ is most magnified in His people when they are most satisfied in Him. Constantly drawing on Scripture to build his case, Piper shows why pursuing maximum joy is essential to glorifying God. He discusses the implications of this for conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions, and suffering. Piper beckons us to approach God with the hedonist’s abandon. Finally, we are freed to enjoy Jesus—not only as our Lord and Savior, but also as our all-surpassing, soul-satisfying Treasure. Desiring God may turn your Christian world upside down. And that will be a good thing, for the glory of God, and for your deepest joy. Includes a study guide for individual and small group use.

Faith and Life

'conferences' in the Oratory of Princeton Seminary

Author: Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

Publisher: N.A


Category: Presbyterian Church

Page: 458

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The School of Mary

Forty Essential Lessons for Sinners, from the Blessed Mother Herself

Author: John A. Kane

Publisher: Sophia Inst Press

ISBN: 9780918477989

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 250

View: 1779

Here's a warm and practical spiritual guide for every Christian who wants to learn to walk by faith and to love God above all things, just as Mary did.

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to The Romans

Author: Ruth Rendell

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 0857861085

Category: Bibles

Page: 48

View: 3531

Paul was the most influential figure in the early Christian church. In this epistle, written to the founders of the church in Rome, he sets out some of his ideas on the importance of faith in overcoming mankind's innate sinfulness and in obtaining redemption. With an introduction by Ruth Rendell

Who We Are and How We Got Here

Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past

Author: David Reich

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198821255

Category: DNA

Page: 368

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David Reich describes how the revolution in the ability to sequence ancient DNA has changed our understanding of the deep human past. This book tells the emerging story of our often surprising ancestry - the extraordinary ancient migrations and mixtures of populations that have made us who we are.

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering

Author: Pope John Paul II

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780819854582

Category: Suffering

Page: 107

View: 659

Published on February 11, 1984, Salvifici Doloris addresses the question of why God allows suffering. This 30th anniversary edition includes the complete text of the letter plus commentary by Myles N. Sheehan, SJ, MD, a priest and physician trained in geriatrics with an expertise in palliative care. Acknowledgments of recent episodes of violence bring the papal document into a modern context. Insightful questions suited for individual or group use, applicable prayers, and ideas for meaningful action invite readers to personally respond to the mystery of suffering.