The Ride

New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders

Author: Paul D'Orléans

Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

ISBN: 9783899554915

Category: Transportation

Page: 320

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The motorcycle is back! Similar to the fresh contemporary scene that has established itself around bicycles in the last few years, the motorcycle is currently undergoing an aesthetic rebirth. A young subculture worldwide is discovering the motorcycle as an expression of its personality and creativity. The Ride explores motorcycle riding as it is meant to be: as a means of getting around with attitude, as an extension of one's own body, as an expression of personal freedom, but also as a significant challenge to technical expertise, craftsmanship, physics, discipline, and driving skill. In the motorcycle scene of 1960s Britain, it was frowned upon to drive a motorcycle as it was produced in a factory. Following in this historical tradition, The Ride focuses on those who are creating customized motorcycles that come as close to one's own vision of how pure riding should be as possible. For example, the creative young people who are buying old, wrecked bikes on eBay, removing everything but the motor and frame, and then rebuilding them in ways that are as radical and subversively creative as they are knowledgeable and respectful of tradition. The archetypes of the new motorcycles created in this way--classic board racers, bobbers, café racers, and choppers--may very well be 30-50 or even 80 years old, but what is made out of them is new, not retro. Decked out with state-of-the-art disk brakes, LED lights, gears, and drive components, these machines are more agile, faster, more radical, and therefore more fun than anything produced in the past. The Ride features transformations such as a boring plastic motorcycle made in Japan in the 1990s turned into a slick café racer with an Italian feel, a soulless neo-baroque machine turned into an in-your-face scrambler, or an old find from grandpa's barn turned into a absolutely comfort-free hardtail with the coolest of sounds. The book also presents small, local custom motorcycle workshops from around the globe that have established themselves with sought-after products that inspire other builders worldwide. It features extensive profiles of pioneers including Walt Siegl, Wrenchmonkees, DP Customs, Cole Foster, Deus, Shinya Kimura, Ian Barry, and Uwe Ehinger and their very different ideas of how a motorcycle should be. The unique bikes created in their garages--sometimes made-to-order, sometimes in a limited series--are often technically superior, better thought-out, and simply more radical than those produced by larger manufacturers who need to appeal to a broader audience. The spirit of this young motorcycle scene is reminiscent of that of current bike frame builders or even today's new food subculture. It's about making, transforming, or designing something with your own hands. In this case, something that will get a person from A to B, that makes noise, smells, vibrates, and comes to life. What could be more exciting, more analog, and more satisfying?

Enjoy the Ride

How to Experience the True Joy of Life

Author: Steve Gilliland

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

ISBN: 1601940025

Category: Self-Help

Page: 102

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Success is not a thing you acquire or achieve, it is a journey you take your whole life. With a compelling challenge to ""Check Your Passion,"" this book ignites people's ability to choose what they do, why they do it, and who they do it with. 'Enjoy the Ride' enables readers to identify their dreams and puts genuine success within their reach. Success is not limited to those with financial resources or talents. By reading this book, you will learn practical principles to put you on the road to success.

The Ride 2nd Gear

New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders

Author: Robert Klanten,Chris Hunter,Maximilian Funk

Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag-DGV

ISBN: 9783899555899

Category: Mechanics (Persons)

Page: 352

View: 9397

The motorcycle is back and is here to stay. The custom motorcycle scene keeps on growing and exciting. There are more and better builders than ever, and the scene has become an integral part of motorcycle culture as well as youth culture. Builders are joining the custom ranks at a younger age and are creating bikes that are mind-blowingly innovative and always surprising. The aesthetic of these new custom bikes has evolved : 1960s café racers from the UK and the US continue to be relevant but builders are now going in new directions, getting their inspiration from 1990s skateboard and youth culture. Collectors are buying stunning art bikes from important builders, and big brands are using the custom scene as a hotbed for new ideas, borrowing some of their designs and striving to imitate the energy that oozes from the current custom scene's momentum. The Ride 2nd Gear documents custom trends and grasps the spirit of our times. The book will influence custom motorcycle builders and enthusiasts for years to come.

The Ride Together

A Brother and Sister's Memoir of Autism in the Family

Author: Judy Karasik,Paul Karasik

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743423364

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 199

View: 3102

A sister and brother of an autistic man describe in words and cartoon illustrations the story of their sibling's life.

The Ride

The Legend of Betsy Dowdy (With Audio Recording)

Author: Kitty Griffin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481481401

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 374

One brave girl, one strong pony, one desperate ride to deliver a crucial message that would change the course of American history. Betsy is the girl power answer to Paul Revere. Repeated for over two hundred years as an oral tradition, the legend of Betsy Dowdy is a classic American tale of a girl who simply believed she could be free. Inspired by the danger and daring of this ordinary North Carolinian girl, THE RIDE is a story about stepping up to help the cause you believe in, doing even what little you can, and building the United States of America.

Along for the Ride

A Novel

Author: Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0142415561

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 399

View: 8173

When Auden goes to stay with her father, stepmother, and new baby sister the summer before she starts college, all the trauma of her parents' divorce is revived, even as she is making new friends and having fun new experiences.

Worth the Ride

Author: Josh Winheld

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781440141980

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 372

View: 3625

Enter the world and mind of a young man who lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal genetic neuromuscular disorder that he battles with his incredible sense of humor, warm heart, and awe-inspiring passion for life. Calling this the master's thesis he never wrote, Josh Winheld's self reflection and candor teaches us all valuable life lessons. Find out why Worth the Ride is well worth a read. All proceeds from this book will go directly to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, which works to improve the treatment, quality of life, and long-term outlook for all individuals affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy through research, advocacy, education, and compassion.

Surviving the Ride

A Pictorial History of South African-Manufactured Armoured Vehicles

Author: Steve Camp,Helmoed-Ršmer Heitman

Publisher: 30 Degrees South Publishers

ISBN: 1928211534

Category: History

Page: 242

View: 8589

Mine-protected and mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles are today standard in the US, most major western armed forces and many other armies as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The South African Army was already routinely using mine-protected armored personnel carriers and patrol vehicles forty years ago even if they looked primitive and ungainly. A few years later, the South African Army had reached the stage where it could deploy entire combat groups into battle zones equipped with only mine-protected vehicles, including their ambulances and supply trucks. By then the mine-protected vehicles had also become effective for use in combat, rather than just protected transport, the Casspir being the chief example. More to the point, they saved countless soldiers and policemen from death or serious injury, and the basic concepts now live on in the various MRAP types in service today. The valuable lessons learned by the South Africans with their early designs of these combat-proven vehicles has led the country to become one of the global leaders in the design of MRAPs which are locally manufactured and exported around the world. Surviving the Ride is a fascinating pictorial account featuring more than 120 of these unique South African-developed vehicles, spanning a forty-year period, with over 280 photographs, many of which are previously unpublished.

Enjoying the Ride

Two Generations of Tragedy and Triumph

Author: Mitch Sturgeon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781732313705


Page: N.A

View: 6099

This story provides a rare view into the secret lives of disabled people, chronicles the inexplicable similarities between Mitch's life and his mother's, and solves the mystery about the true cause of her injury. Mitch was five when he learned his mother had slipped and fallen, and that she would spend the rest of her life as a quadriplegic. He felt lost and alone until she returned home from the hospital nine months later, as upbeat and positive as ever. If he hadn't grown up with such an inspirational mother, he may not have been prepared for what would come.In his late thirties, Mitch was diagnosed with an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis, leaving him significantly disabled. He became a medical self-advocate, muddling through the ethical swampland of clinical trials and unproven treatments. Because of his inherited resilience, along with the help of family, friends, and sometimes complete strangers, Mitch endured his losses while remaining fully engaged in life.

Taken for a Ride

Cars, Crisis, And A Company Once Called

Author: Bill Vlasic,Bradley A. Stertz

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061877808

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

View: 6096

Here is the book that exposed the Daimler-Chrysler "merger of equals" as a bold German takeover of an industrial icon. Taken for a Ride reveals the shock waves felt around the world when Daimler-Benz bought Chrysler for $36 billion in 1998. In a gripping narrative, Bill Vlasic and Bradley A. Stertz go behind the scenes of the defining corporate drama of the decade -- and in a new epilogue chart its chaotic aftermath.

Life Is Good

The Book- How to Live with Purpose and Enjoy the Ride

Author: Bert Jacobs,John Jacobs

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426215630


Page: 272

View: 7760

"From Life is Good founders and brothers Bert and John Jacobs, this inspiring book of wisdom outlines the ten key "superpowers" readers need to live their best lives. Based on the brothers' personal and professional journey, this whimsically illustrated guide captures the unique voice and profound optimism that is the foundation of their beloved T-shirt and apparel company, now worth more than $100 million. Life Is Good: The Owner's Manual will inspire readers of all ages and passions to discover--and embrace--the good in their lives. Entertaining yet profound, easygoing yet powerful, this engaging book reveals how to tap into the hidden power of optimism. Beginning with their upbringing in working class Boston and following the arc of their lives from postgrad wanderlust to the birth of a small business, Bert and John use their experiences to illuminate the ten superpowers on which optimism is founded--from humor and compassion to gratitude and authenticity. Capturing their buoyant, community-focused outlook and supplementing with top-ten lists and the company's iconic stick-figure illustrations, this book doesn't preach. Instead, it offers lighthearted, practical self-help that will inspire and empower readers to embrace their lives with delight and daring"--

The Ride of Our Lives

Roadside Lessons of an American Family

Author: Mike Leonard

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345490940

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 6610

Mike Leonard is a lucky man. It’s not everyone who gets parents like Jack and Marge. At eighty-seven, Jack is a pathological optimist with an inexhaustible gift of gab. Marge, Jack’s bride of sixty years, though cut from the same rough bolt of Irish immigrant cloth, is his polar opposite–pessimistic and proud of it. What was their son, Mike, thinking when he took a sabbatical from his job with NBC News so he could pile these two world-class originals along with three of his grown kids and a daughter-in-law into a pair of rented RVs and hit the road for a month? Mike was thinking that he wanted to give his parents the ultimate family reunion. And so, one February morning, three generations of Leonards set out on their journey under the dazzling Arizona sky. Thirty minutes later, one of the humongous recreational vehicles has an unplanned meeting with a concrete island at a convenience store. Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime–and an absolute gem of a book. In the course of their humorous, often poignant cross-country tour, from the desert Southwest to the New England coastline, the Leonards reminisce about their loves, their losses, and their rich and heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) lives, while encountering a veritable Greek chorus of roadside characters along the way. The home stretch finds the clan racing back to Chicago, hoping to catch the arrival of the next generation, Jack and Marge’s first great-grandchild. Through it all, Mike pieces together acentury of family lore and lunacy–and discovers surprising sides to his parents that allow him to see them in a whole new light. Mike Leonard has captivated millions of television viewers with his wry and witty feature stories for NBC’s Today. Now he brings that same engaging charm and keen insight to the foibles and passions of his own blessedly unique family. By turns uproariously funny and deeply moving, The Ride of Our Lives delivers a lifetime of laughs, lessons, and priceless memories. This edition’s exclusive DVD features never-before-seen footage from the trip as well as candid family video and photographs. From the Hardcover edition.

The Ride

A Shocking Murder and a Bereaved Father's Journey from Rage to Redemption

Author: Brain MacQuarrie


ISBN: 1458777820


Page: 416

View: 762

The Ride tells the shocking true story of the 1997 abduction and gruesome murder of ten-year-old Massachusetts resident Jeffrey Curley, and how his father, Bob, healed the deep wounds of rage and emerged to become an outspoken critic of the death penalty.

The Ride

Cycling for Life

Author: William G. Gisel

Publisher: Prometheus Books

ISBN: 1615927751

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 125

View: 7006

Foreword by Mike Fraysse, Founder of America's Cycling Team (ACT)In my own experiences, I have found that there is nothing as rewarding as taking on a challenge and seeing your team through. Gisel's story is a fine example of how with enough hard work and commitment, no goal is insurmountable. The lessons we learn along the way are priceless.-Marv Levy, Coach, Buffalo Bills (1986-97)NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame (Class of 2001)This book inspired me through its description of a physical and emotional venture. As an athlete and competitor, I can appreciate the difficulties that he faced in his undertaking. As a son whose mother, like Bill's, was a patient at Roswell Park, I especially admire his dedication to supporting Roswell and the many families it helps in our community.-Baby Joe Mesi, Undefeated HeavyweightNot only bicycle enthusiasts, but anyone with an interest in journeys of self-discovery will enjoy Bill Gisel's engrossing narrative of preparing for and finally completing the ride of a lifetime-a six-day, 500-mile bike trip from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Alaska, to raise funds for AIDS vaccine research.By weaving together a series of captivating anecdotes full of colorful characters, bicycle mishaps, and both poignant and exhilarating moments, Gisel allows the reader to participate in the highs and lows of this unique experience. His description of discovering the world of bicycling will resonate with experienced riders and will tempt many other casual riders to haul their old bikes out of the garage.The Ride is also a refreshing story of commitment, friendship, and the desire of a few individuals to help make a difference in a war against a ravaging disease. For those plagued by the too much to do, too little time syndrome, it is also a reminder that, no matter how busy, we can all commit to an important cause.More Praise for The Ride:The Ride is a wonderful adventure book that tells an important story in a poignant and self-effacing way. Bill Gisel's narrative of his biking trip in Alaska made me feel that I was along for the ride and left me hoping he would take us out again soon for another adventure in humanity.-Robert E. Rich Jr., President, Rich Products CorporationWhen Bill Gisel agrees to a lifelong friend's challenge of a five-hundred-mile bike ride across Alaska to raise money for AIDS research, fear fills him. Though he's a savvy businessman at the head of a $2 billion-a-year company, Gisel realizes he's a babe-in-the-woods when it comes to cycling and training for endurance sports. Told in a relaxed letter-to-a-friend style, Gisel's story unfolds to show how a bike ride can broaden your world.-Alan Coté, Contributing Writer, BicyclingWilliam G. Gisel Jr. (Buffalo, NY) is the Chief Operating Officer of Rich Products Corporation.Royalties from this book benefit cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Along for the Ride

Author: Kay Arthur Martin

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434916375

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

View: 3105


Just Along for the Ride

The Amazing Journey of WIlliam Baine Roddy

Author: Martha Roddy

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449738494

Category: Religion

Page: 164

View: 6225

At the age of forty-six, Bill Roddy, a vibrant and magnetic man, was diagnosed with colon cancer. His diagnosis pierced the heart of his mother - twice diagnosed with possible colon cancer. ------ Just Along for the Ride is a beautiful story of a mother and son’s love for each other and the love of both for Christ. The sufficiency of God’s grace in the most difficult time of life is an eternal truth experienced in a fresh and new way in the lives of these two beautiful people. You will be overwhelmingly blessed as you make the journey with them. - Dr. John Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus Houston’s First Baptist Church, Speaker and Author Anyone can benefit from reading about the all-too-brief life of Bill Roddy. It is at once inspiring, heartwarming, and humorous. Bill’s story is a road map for anyone who desires to both give and receive the utmost from this life and, more importantly, throughout eternity. It would be a meaningful addition to any library. - Robert E. Driver, PhD Professor of Finance and Ethics LeTourneau University NASCAR is a sport that rises and grows stronger in the face of adversity. This is the character of the sport, and it is merely a reflection of the character of its fans…and Bill is a perfect example. Faced with adversity, he chooses to move forward in life with faith, hope, and love. His story as told by his mother will awaken within us all a desire to face challenges as Bill did… determined, focused and confident that God is in control. Those of us who are involved in NASCAR know the fans of this sport are what make it great… and Bill is one of the greatest! - Billy E. Mauldin, Jr., President and CEO Motor Racing Outreach (MRO)

Hell of a ride

backstage at the White House follies, 1989-1993

Author: John Podhoretz

Publisher: N.A


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 249

View: 8165

A Reagan-Bush staffer and speechwriter presents behind-the-scenes revelations of a presidency winding up for a collective breakdown

The Ride

How to Ride Your Bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles Without Even Dying

Author: Russell Mendivil

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 1589398696

Category: Bicycle touring

Page: 280

View: 850

Are you just an ordinary person who has always dreamed of doing something extraordinary? Then this is the book for you. Russell Mendivil is a middle-aged dad, gardener and couch potato with a history of heart attacks who, after a medical scare with his oldest daughter, decides to ride his bike 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles to help raise awareness and money for AIDS services. Despite the many physical and emotional struggles Russ faces in preparation for the ride, he remains inspired by the amazing people he meets along the way. This very witty yet touching story serves to prove that if he can do it, so can you.