Living With the Dominator

Author: Pat Craven

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781477410592

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 116

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This book explains violent and abusive behaviour and places it in a social context. It can help readers of any age and sexual orientation to change their own behaviour and to recognise when they are being controlled. "I can honestly say that without reading this book (9 times no less !) I don't think that I would be here today, relaxed in my own home with my children that I love so much."

The Dominator

A Dark Mafia Romance

Author: D. D. Prince

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519392268


Page: 598

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Tia is totally smitten by the guy who flirted with her in the ice cream parlor on her last day there. The gorgeous man in an expensive suit oozed money, power, confidence, sexuality, and she can't stop daydreaming about how he flirted and teased and tied a cherry stem into a knot with his tongue suggestively right in front of her. But Tia has no idea that while she daydreams about the gorgeous guy, a plot is underfoot. He's about to tie her whole life up into knots. She has no idea that as soon as she graduates from school she'll be delivered to him. He owns her. And he has plans. Carnal plans. Her father owes his father a debt and that debt is to be paid with Tia. This book is a dark romance with a flesh debt payment plot. Tommy Ferrano needs to get married to get handed his birthright, a business with ties to organized crime. He has been in no hurry to get married so his father decided to get creative. His father chose Tia for very specific reasons. Tia grew up too fast. She lost her Mom due to suicide and has a screw-up for a father. She's excited about moving to the next chapter of life with plans for after school, plans for life on her own after growing up in foster care. She doesn't know, yet, that the changes coming don't remotely resemble what she had in mind. Tommy Ferrano likes to play games, especially mind games. After Tia is delivered to him and told of her fate she quickly finds this out and learns that she has to obey his rules ... or else. Rule 1: He owns her and wants full control. He wants obedience; he punishes defiance. Rule 2: She needs to keep her mouth shut and reveal nothing to anyone about him. He soon reveals Rule #3 to her, and starts revealing his dark, possessive, and depraved sexual side. Tia has to obey him in order to survive. Will it break her or will submission bring about a different kind of freedom? Ingredients include: profanity, sex, violence, dominating alpha male, blood, pain, love, redemption... No cliffhanger. Dark romance with scenes with dubious/ non-consent, some bondage, and discipline. Possessive, dark, damaged OTT alpha male with control issues. For mature audiences only.

Dominik Hasek

The Dominator

Author: Rand Shultz

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781582615684

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

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Echoes of the Dominator

Author: Benjamin A. Sinko


ISBN: 0615158986

Category: History

Page: 154

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The Consolidated B-32 Dominator was the companion Very Heavy Bomber to the famed Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Used extensively for a revolutionary crew training program in the United States during 1945 just nine reached the Pacific before VJ day. The Dominator made its mark on history in the skies over Tokyo. Just days after the official cease fire was agreed on it battled Japanese fighters over a two day period marking the last official aerial combat of World War II. With the completion of the war every B-32 was scrapped and it slipped from history. Echoes of the Dominator brings to life the stories of the B-32 Dominator as never told before through the eyes of the men who flew it into the pages of history. Follow the men through training and into combat where their lives were forever changed by events that occurred when the war was supposed to be over.

The Freedom Programme

A Training Manual for Facilitators

Author: Pat Craven

Publisher: Freedom Publishing (CA)

ISBN: 9780955882739


Page: 46

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Many women who are subjected to abuse from their partners or children do not understand what is happening to them. The do not need therapy but they do need the information they are given when they attend the Freedom Programme. This is a rolling group work course which informs and empowers women in this situation. It can also help to identify warning signs in a new relationship. It also explains how children are affected by domestic abuse and how their lives can improve after the abuser is removed. also It must be used in conjunction with Pat Craven's book 'Living with the Dominator'. This manual contains details instructions on how to facilitate the Freedom Programme which is based upon the author's experience in working with violent offenders when she was a probation officer in the UK. "I love life now thanks to the Freedom Programme ." "Our lives are so much better now Mummy " "Life is looking good again thanks to the Freedom Programme." "I know I can succeed in my life now. I have found two new social work positions and I love being a working emancipated mother again. Instead of self medicating, I now live a healthy contended and happy life. I have a future." "The Freedom Programme is now going into schools to give young girls information which could save their lives." Kelly Mattison Guardian 2009.

Truth Or Dare; The Dominator II

A Dark Mafia Romance

Author: D. D. Prince

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542795623


Page: 428

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If you liked The Dominator, you'll want to read the story of Dario Ferrano falling in love. This is a mafia romance. Reading book one before reading this book is recommended and necessary. Want more Ferrano alpha male hotness? Get to know Dario a whole lot better in this continuation story about the Ferrano family. Dario is Tommy's younger brother and after seeing his brother fall in love Dare's new motto is MAN WHORE NO MORE! Dare wants his happily ever after. But, after Dare comes home from his brother's wedding and celebrates his 25th birthday he gets a posthumous gift from his father, one that'll change the course of his life. *** Before my father died he arranged for my brother to get married, gifted him with a girl. After I saw the impact of that girl on my brother's life I joked with him that I wanted a mail-order bride for my upcoming birthday, joked about it with emotions about my now sister-in-law that I should not EVER have been feeling. My father joked back that he was already shopping around and would find me a perfect fit. At least I'd thought he'd been joking. But when I got home from my brother's wedding I found out that before Pop died he had gotten that ball rolling. He'd gotten things rolling in a way that could not be stopped and that was going to be a problem. A messy problem. See, my Pop was deeply involved in a human trafficking ring, one of the many involvements he'd neglected to tell me and my brother about as he prepared us to take over the family business. We never knew that what he'd had in mind for us was just the top skim off a cesspool of filth he'd been too happy to be wading in. We had suspicions but we had no clue just how filthy it truly was. A little less than two months before my birthday he had asked me what I wanted in a bride. "What's on your wish list, son?" Pop asked. "Beautiful. Redhead. But she has to want what I want from life. She has to have an insatiable sexual appetite but want kids and a picket fence, too." "How about if she's all those things because she does exactly what you tell her to do? How about if she's been schooled in all the ways to please a man in and out of the bedroom?" "That's too good to be true, Pop. Too bad such a woman does not exist." I'd laughed it off and our conversation got cut short. I'd always wanted a wife and kids. I wanted the picket fence and enough kids to start my own soccer team. But when I caught my fiancee cheating on me with the DJ we'd hired for our wedding my heart went cold and what my sister dubbed my 'man whore years' began. After seeing Tommy's life change because of falling in love I decided that maybe it was time to open my mind up to the possibilities of connecting with someone again beyond a one night stand. But when I got home from my brother's wedding, ready to start the massive job of cleaning up the family business so that I could move on with my life and think about finding my own happily ever after I found out that Pop had already ordered my mail order bride. And I couldn't cancel that order. She's waiting for me to pick her up near Bangkok. She's been told she has been sold and is going back to North America. She's about to turn 23, she's a beautiful redhead, and she's been in captivity for 2 years. There's no way I can accept this gift, keep a woman who was bought for me. I need to pick her up and set her free. Don't I? Warning: Explicit sex scenes. Profanity. Dark themes. This book's heroine is a sex slave that gets rescued. She's broken. The book does not spend chapter after chapter describing her abuse in detail but there is some explicit content related to her memories.

Sexual peace

beyond the dominator virus

Author: Michael Sky

Publisher: Bear & Company

ISBN: 9781879181083

Category: Self-Help

Page: 249

View: 7653

Criticizes our patriarchial society, and argues that in order to end violence there must be a fair and equal partnership between men and women

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Dominator War

Author: Mark Waid,Tony Bedard

Publisher: DC

ISBN: 1401264220

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 115

View: 8158

Collecting SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #26-30! The Dominators' plan to destroy Earth reaches fruition as the Robot Rebellion sweeps the planet!

Casino Craps

Shoot to Win!

Author: Frank Scoblete

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 1623684331

Category: Games

Page: 272

View: 9328

The most comprehensive craps book ever written, this is the book that gives readers everything needed to get a real, verifiable edge at the game of craps. The authors, two of the greatest living dice controllers, share, in words and pictures, their secret Golden Touch technique and give the edge needed to beat the house. Readers will learn several keys to winner craps, including how the game is really played, how to develop a Golden Touch controlled throw, which are the best and worst bets and "buy" bets, how to reduce the hit of the house edge by using the five count, how to push the casino to give a better game than advertised, how to set the dice to reduce or increase the appearance of different numbers, and how to judge what a real edge means.

The Dominator Man

The Ultimate Survivor

Author: Douglas Abraham

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781517755119


Page: 224

View: 4496

Dominator Man faces unbeatable tasks and also the wrath of a psychotic movie director who is hell-bent on destroying him through death defying challenges. It is a thrilling and entertaining novel.

The White Rose

A Novel of the Black Company

Author: Glen Cook

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1466831022

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 9796

She is the last hope of good in the war against the evil sorceress known as the Lady. From a secret base on the Plains of Fear, where even the Lady hesitates to go, the Black Company, once in service to the Lady, now fights to bring victory to the White Rose. But now an even greater evil threatens the world. All the great battles that have gone before will seem a skirmishes when the Dominator rises from the grave. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Dominators, Cynics, and Wallflowers

Practical Strategies for Moderating Meaningful Focus Groups

Author: Robert W. Kahle

Publisher: Paramount Market Publishing

ISBN: 9780978660215

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 132

View: 564

Consolidated B-32 Dominator

The Ultimate Look : from Drawing Board to Scrapyard

Author: William Wolf

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited


Category: History

Page: 272

View: 4447

Over the years the B-32 has been described only in a small number of magazine articles and in a booklet that have generally given a superficial and incomplete account, maligning the bomber, fairly or not, as a mediocre design besieged with developmental problems and a lackluster combat record. Consolidated B-32 Dominator - The Ultimate Look: from Drawing Board to Scrapyard is the definitive description and appraisal of this neglected bombers development, testing, manufacture, and combat experience. The author used company design and production information, flight and test evaluations, along with previously unexplored Flight Manuals and Consolidated-Vultee Erection and Maintenance Manuals. From rare microfilm of original material and insights and personal narratives of the personnel involved, Wolf has gathered information on the pre-combat testing and all the combat missions of the bomber in the Pacific.

The Silver Spike

The Chronicles of the Black Company

Author: Glen Cook

Publisher: Tor Fantasy

ISBN: 1466831049

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 5265

...embedded in the trunk of the scion of the godtree, it contains the essence of the maddest of the Ten Who Were Taken...The Dominator. Defeated by the Lady and cast from this world, all that was left of him was a foul trace of lingering evil. But the graveyard that was once the Barrowland contains more secrets than dead. All who would possess the power of the Dominator are drawn to the spike. A foolhardy band of thieves is the first to reach it, and a rapacious and malign spirit is unleashed on an unwary world. The forces gather, sides are drawn, and mortal men can only die as the Dark Lords battle for domination. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Freedom Programme Home Study Course

Author: Pat Craven,Jacky Fleming

Publisher: Freedom Publishing (CA)

ISBN: 9780955882722


Page: 66

View: 8372

Suitable for men who want to improve their behaviour, this title presents a programme that includes information about the effects of domestic abuse on children and about how to recognise an abuser.