Test-tube Women

What Future for Motherhood?

Author: Rita Arditti,Renate Klein,Shelley Minden

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780863580307

Category: Grossesse - Aspect social

Page: 482

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Lost in Space

Probing Feminist Science Fiction and Beyond

Author: Marleen S. Barr

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469639769

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

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Archaeologists and anthropologists discover other civilizations; science fiction writers invent them. In this collection of her major essays, Marleen Barr argues that feminist science fiction writers contribute to postmodern literary canons with radical alternatives to mainstream patriarchal society. Because feminist science fiction challenges male-centered social imperatives, it has been marginalized and dismissed from the canon--thus, lost in space. Moving beyond feminist science fiction itself, Barr goes on to examine other literary genres from the perspective of 'feminist fabulation'--a term she has coined to encompass science fiction, fantasy, utopian literature, and mainstream literature that critiques patriarchal fictions. Discussing the works of such writers as Margaret Atwood, Joanna Russ, Salman Rushdie, Paul Theroux, Ursula Le Guin, Herman Melville, Saul Bellow, Edgar Allan Poe, and Marge Piercy, Barr illuminates feminist science fiction's connections to other literary traditions and contemporary canons. Her critical analysis yields a new and expanded understanding of feminist creativity.

Test-Tube Babies

In Vitro Fertilization

Author: Ann Fullick

Publisher: Heinemann-Raintree Library

ISBN: 9781432924539

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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"Test-Tube Babies: In Vitro Fertilization looks at the reality of infertility, including the causes and possible treatments. It looks into the techniques used in in-vitro fertilization treatment and explains embryo transfer and storage, egg donation, and reproductive technologies. It also considers the ethics surrounding groundbreaking stem-cell research, surrogacy, frozen embryos, and the ""older mothers"" debate."

Test Tube Families

Why the Fertility Market Needs Legal Regulation

Author: Naomi R. Cahn

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814717219

Category: Law

Page: 304

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The birth of the first test tube baby in 1978 focused attention on the sweeping advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART), which is now a multi-billion-dollar business in the United States. Sperm and eggs are bought and sold in a market that has few barriers to its skyrocketing growth. While ART has been an invaluable gift to thousands of people, creating new families, the use of someone else’s genetic material raises complex legal and public policy issues that touch on technological anxiety, eugenics, reproductive autonomy, identity, and family structure. How should the use of gametic material be regulated? Should recipients be able to choose the “best” sperm and eggs? Should a child ever be able to discover the identity of her gamete donor? Who can claim parental rights? Naomi R. Cahn explores these issues and many more in Test Tube Families, noting that although such questions are fundamental to the new reproductive technologies, there are few definitive answers currently provided by the law, ethics, or cultural norms. As a new generation of "donor kids" comes of age, Cahn calls for better regulation of ART, exhorting legal and policy-making communities to cease applying piecemeal laws and instead create legislation that sustains the fertility industry while simultaneously protecting the interests of donors, recipients, and the children that result from successful transfers.

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women

Global Women's Issues and Knowledge

Author: Cheris Kramarae,Dale Spender

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135963150

Category: Reference

Page: 2050

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For a full list of entries and contributors, sample entries, and more, visit the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women website. Featuring comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns, from violence and sexuality to feminist theory, the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women brings the field into the new millennium. In over 900 signed A-Z entries from US and Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and the Middle East, the women who pioneered the field from its inception collaborate with the new scholars who are shaping the future of women's studies to create the new standard work for anyone who needs information on women-related subjects.

Living Laboratories

Women and Reproductive Technologies

Author: Robyn Rowland

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253207609

Category: Social Science

Page: 366

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.."". convincing and terrifying."" -- Fay Weldon ""This book provides a highly readable and useful account of reproductive technologies that have become available during the last decade."" -- Ethics .."". an extremely readable introduction to the world of reproductive technologies."" -- New Directions for Women .."". paints a graphic picture... The values of the medical science she discusses are essentially those of a patriarchally controlled society in which men have all the tools and information and women must beg for bits and pieces and in which male pressure, aided by legal and technological procedures, is increasingly exerted. The book is thoroughly documented... ""A -- Booklist .."". compelling and comprehensive... "" -- American Journal of Sociology In the last ten years, women have been specifically targeted as ""living laboratories"" for experimentation, whether to limit their fertility or to end their infertility. Rowland explores the use of women as raw material in the drive for profit and power. In her investigation, the effect of new reproductive technologies is clear: the increasing alienation of people from reproduction and the increased control by medical science and the state over the ""quality"" of children born.

Situating Feminism

From Thought to Action

Author: Sondra Farganis

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1452254044

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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This concise introduction to feminist theorizing traces three separate waves of feminist theory, from the equality movement of the 1970s and 1980s, to the postmodernist examination of different women and women's groups of today. The book highlights the close connection between action and theory, in addition to the historical development of feminist theories. These changes in feminist thought and praxis are examined through some celebrated cases of recent decades.

Nature and Liberty

Author: Dr John Zvesper,John Zvesper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134878958

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

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Liberal democracy, it has been claimed, stands at the end of history. But there are hidden internal strains that could threaten its fabric. Nature and Liberty explores three of the most important practical problems of modern liberal politics - those connected with ethnicity and race, sex and the family, and bureaucratized government. The author traces liberals' difficulties in dealing with these problems to their own reluctance to have recourse to nature as a guide for political life.

Families in the U.S.

Kinship and Domestic Politics

Author: Karen V. Hansen,Anita Ilta Garey

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781566395908

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 888

View: 7462

Attempts to do justice to the complexity of contemporary families and to situate them in their economic, political, and cultural contexts. This book explores the ways in which family life is gendered and reflects on the work of maintaining family and kin relationships, especially as social and family power structures change over time.

Feminist Research

Prospect and Retrospect

Author: Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773506862

Category: Social Science

Page: 303

View: 904

Significant progress has been made in feminist research over the last decade; this collection of articles, selected from those presented at the 1986 Conference of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, is representative of both the strength of previous work and prospects for future research.

Wild Politics

Feminism, Globalisation, Bio/diversity

Author: Susan Hawthorne

Publisher: Spinifex Press

ISBN: 9781876756246

Category: Nature

Page: 462

View: 4749

Synthesising issues that are at the forefront of local and global politics and social movements of the twenty-first century, this book presents a powerful critique of global western culture, challenging many of its central assumptions and institutions. Hawthorne's detailed analysis is both perceptive and wide-ranging. She unpicks the structures of power and knowledge, law and international trade rules, as well probing into issues that intimately affect us in our daily lives, such as our perception of land, how food is produced and the changing shape of work. The book concludes with a compelling vision for a world inspired by biodiversity, and organised around the principle of diversity.

Pandora's Baby

How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution

Author: Robin Marantz Henig

Publisher: N.A


Category: Science

Page: 326

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On a September morning in 1973, a hospital administrator in New York City learned of a rogue experiment in progress at his institution and ordered the destruction of a test tube containing a frothy mixture of human eggs and sperm. Had the experiment been allowed to continue, it might have resulted in the first human fetus created through in vitro fertilization ... [A]ward-winning journalist Robin Marantz Henig ... takes us back to the early days of IVF, when the procedure was viewed as crackpot science and its pioneers as outsiders in the medical world. Henig lays out the ethical and political battlefield of the 1970s-a battlefield that is recreated with each new technology-and traces the sea change that has occurred in the public perception of "test tube babies." ... [T]hat it was the first step down the slippery slope toward genetic engineering, designer babies, and human clones ... [and] a compelling story from the not-so-distant past, which brilliantly presents the scientific and ethical dilemmas we confront ever more starkly as germ-line engineering and human cloning become possible.--Provided by publisher.

Pragmatist Ethics for a Technological Culture

Author: F.W. Jozef Keulartz,Michiel Korthals,M. Schermer,T.E. Swierstra

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401003017

Category: Philosophy

Page: 264

View: 5261

Our technological culture has an extremely dynamic character: old ways of reproducing ourselves, managing nature and keeping animals are continually replaced by new ones; norms and values with respect to our bodies, food production, health care and environmental protection are regularly being put up for discussion. This constantly confronts us with new moral problems and dilemmas. In discussion with other approaches this book argues that pragmatism, with its strong emphasis on the interaction between technology and values, gives us both procedural help and stresses the importance of living and cooperating together in tackling these problems and dilemmas. The issues in this book include the interaction of technology and ethics, the status of pragmatism, the concept of practice, and discourse ethics and deliberative democracy. It has an interactive design, with original contributions alternating with critical comments. The book is of interest for students, scholars and policymakers in the fields of bioethics, animal ethics, environmental ethics, pragmatist philosophy and science and technology studies.