The Saint of San Francisco

Author: Jerry Sacher

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781613722282

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 6103

p>"Saint of San Francisco: Book One" After finding himself still depressingly single on his thirty-second birthday, Jeremy Haniver accepts an invitation to move to San Francisco. Though he falls in love with the Castro and the city, it s not enough to cure him of his loneliness or the depression that dogs him. He almost throws his life away, but fate intervenes when Jeremy meets Mark Caparelli. Mark is a former Marine and a detective with the San Francisco PD. Unfortunately, he s also seeing someone else at first. Life finally seems to be going Jeremy s way, until a homicide breaks up his first date with Mark. Jeremy desperately wants to get over his past and start a new life with Mark, but they have to catch the killer first... before he catches them.

Pressure Head

Author: Jl Merrow

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781626497139

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 916

Some things are better left hidden. Tom Paretski's not just a plumber with a dodgy hip courtesy of a schoolboy accident. He also has a sixth sense for finding hidden things. Called in by the police to help locate a body near Brock's Hollow, he's staggered to encounter Phil Morrison, his old school crush--and the closeted bully whose actions contributed to Tom's accident. Phil's all grown up now, and Tom's unwilling attraction to him is back with a vengeance. Phil's now openly gay--and what's more, he's interested in Tom's personal charms as well as his psychic talents. As a private investigator called in by the dead woman's parents, Phil is sceptical about Tom's unusual gift, but nevertheless quick to spot its potential to aid him in his work. The further they go with the investigation, the less they can ignore their shared past, and the more the pressure and the heat build between them. But Tom isn't certain he wants to know the secrets he's helping to uncover, while there's a murderer on the loose who won't hesitate to kill again--and this uneasy couple is moving right into his sights. Publisher's note: This is lightly edited reprint of a previously published novel.

It's Just a Little Crush

Author: Caroline Fardig

Publisher: Caroline Fardig

ISBN: 1301781584

Category: Fiction

Page: 265

View: 2341

Meet Lizzie Hart. Small town girl...big time problems. Hindered only by her raging crush on the office hunk, wannabe sleuth Lizzie Hart spies, accuses, and gossips her way to the truth in bestselling author Caroline Fardig's first book of The Lizzie Hart Mysteries Series! The sleepy town of Liberty hasn't seen murder in...well...ever. Residents are stunned when the body of a young woman is found strangled, and reporters at the Liberty Chronicle are thrilled, rather disturbingly, over the biggest news story to hit town this century. Lizzie Hart has even bigger problems. Lately, she can't seem to concentrate on her job as copy editor at the Chronicle with the new hunky investigative reporter, Blake Morgan, swaggering around the office. How can a girl work when she's using all of her energy combating Blake-induced hot flashes and struggling to repress the giggly inner schoolgirl that's constantly rearing her dorky head? It's a good thing that Blake barely knows Lizzie exists. After an odd string of events, however, Lizzie begins to wonder if Blake is really as fabulous as she has fantasized. When Lizzie and Blake find a co-worker dead, Blake's personality changes completely--and not in a good way. Even though the police rule the death as an accident, Lizzie immediately suspects foul play and senses a connection to the recent murder. She is determined to bring the killer to justice, but is having some trouble getting her Nancy Drew on thanks to the pesky stalker she's picked up--Blake Morgan. Wait, didn't she want him to follow her around and pay attention to her? Not like this. Blake has turned from cool and smooth to cold and downright scary, making Lizzie wonder if he should be next on her suspect list.

Murder Most Gay

Author: John Simpson

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 0981737234

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 909

A serial killer is targeting gay men, preying on them in popular bars and parks. Assigned to the case, rookie cop Pat St. James feels all too close to the victims. He's gay and firmly in the closet at work. The fact that he's sent undercover as a gay man is a stroke of irony. Pat and his fellow cop, Hank, are hanging out in bars, trying to get a lead on the killer. At the same time, Pat's looking for Mr. Right – juggling three men, hoping he'll find the perfect match for himself. He picked up Bill at a bar, Dean's a longtime friend ... and in yet another ironic twist, his partner, Hank, is also gay and on the list of possible beaus. As the killer continues to rampage, strangling and raping his victims, Pat has to focus on his work and hope that his personal life survives the stress. But when his hopes and dreams for happiness overlap with the investigation, Pat may be headed for big trouble.

That Old Black Magic

Author: Caroline Fardig

Publisher: Caroline Fardig

ISBN: 1310572992

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

View: 1940

Lizzie Hart is back--snooping, lying, and chick-fighting to uncover the truth in this sequel to bestselling author Caroline Fardig's It's Just a Little Crush. That Old Black Magic...will it put Lizzie under its spell? Lizzie Hart hoped her first day back at work after nearly being killed would be uneventful. No such luck. Before she can finish her morning coffee, Lizzie and her co-workers find a dead body on the rooftop of their office. Media vultures that they are, the Liberty Chronicle employees are psyched to have first-hand news to report. Lizzie, however, is devastated when she realizes that the victim is her ex-boyfriend's brother. When evidence begins piling up against one of Lizzie's friends, she reluctantly dons her detective hat once again, determined to find the real killer. She's not thrilled about chasing another psychopath around, but she'll do anything for a friend. Lizzie's love life is rapidly becoming a hot mess, too. Her latest attempt at sleuthing isn't leaving much time for her budding romance with town hunk Blake Morgan. Add that to the fact she's hiding a secret so big it could rock the very core of their relationship, it's no wonder that Lizzie's in a tizzy. Poor Lizzie ends up juggling a murder investigation, a wacky Wiccan coven, and two men vying for her attention--all while nursing injuries left over from the last time she decided to play Nancy Drew. It's a good thing she always has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Flabbergassed: A Mister Puss Mystery

Author: Michael Craft

Publisher: Questover Press

ISBN: 9780692135990

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 8288

A weight-loss miracle ... a dashing gay architect ... a talking cat. What could possibly go wrong? In the idyllic little town of Dumont, Wisconsin, wealthy widow Mary Questman adopts an exotic stray cat, Mister Puss, who begins to talk to her. At least she thinks so. Mary's young friend, gay architect Brody Norris, soon finds another reason to worry about Mary's judgment when she decides to help finance a bizarre weight-loss enterprise called FlabberGas, the invention of a flamboyant local dermatologist, Dr. Francis Frumpkin. Brody's skepticism is partially overcome when Dr. Frumpkin commissions him to design the first of a planned chain of FlabberGas clinics. But then, during a public demonstration of Frumpkin's gimmicky new treatment, a volunteer is gassed to death in a hideous mishap that turns out to be no accident. It was murder, all right. Suspects abound. And Brody is drawn into the role of amateur sleuth, assisting Sheriff Thomas Simms. Funny and tender, thoroughly tangled, with a chilling motive at its core, the mystery comes to a jolting conclusion when Brody pieces together tiny, overlooked details and helps Sheriff Simms name the killer. Along the way, though, Brody himself gets a little help-or so it seems-from the chatty Mister Puss.

Out of Nowhere

Author: Roan Parrish

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 1634769031

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

View: 2159

As their relationship intensifies, will Rafe and Colin be forced to dredge up secrets that they'd prefer stay buried?

Laugh Cry Repeat

Author: John Inman

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 1635336341

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 9957

For Wyeth and Deeze, the joys and sorrows of life are never-ending. As they weather the highs and lows, they hang on to the one thing that makes it all worthwhile. Love.

True Devotion

Author: Liora Blake

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476786313

Category: Fiction

Page: 334

View: 2592

Find out if rock sensation Simon can break through tough-girl Devon’s steely exterior—if he can keep his head on straight, that is—in this second sizzling romance in the True series! Devon Jenkins is a feisty blonde, and Simon Cole is the arrogant, sexy guitarist playing in her brother’s band. When they met for the first time, it went something like this: He hit on her, she shot him down, he made a lewd joke, she told him he was an idiot. In the two years since then, not much has changed. From the way Simon flirts shamelessly with any set of ovaries within a 100-mile radius, Devon knows the smartest thing she can do is keep an impenetrable wall between them. But sometimes the smart choice isn’t necessarily the right one…

Table 29

A Murder Mystery

Author: Russ Smith

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1543902979

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 313

Who is the murderer? Is it one of the passengers at Table 29? Perhaps it’s one of the other passengers seated in the exclusive first class dining room or maybe one of the crew on board the ship? It might even be one of the passengers in the discounted cabins in tourist class. Listen to the voice inside the mind of the killer as the victims are identified and the murders are planned. All of the eight people seated at Table 29 are potential targets. Meet them, as well as some of the other passengers on the luxury ocean liner. Watch how they come together to support each other after the first murder and continue to do so, throughout the difficult voyage. Meet the physicist who studied theater and his sister, the medical student that was a once a ballerina. Get to know the inquisitive and charming widow and her film industry friends from Hollywood. Then there’s the Earl from Dorset and his Geordie husband who are the biggest land developers in England. The President’s brother is also on board, as is the Chief Justice and the Bishop. Hear about their interesting lives and see how they become close friends. Then try to guess who will survive and who is the murderer. You’ll also meet some of the crew on the ship. Meet the beautiful and decisive captain and some of her senior officers. Also meet the people that serve the world-class food in the elegant Potomac Grill restaurant. All of them have interesting stories and one of them might be the murderer. Follow the unique way the crimes are investigated by the New York Police Department and the FBI, while the ship is still at sea and while the murderer chooses the next victim. Will they solve the case before all of the guests at Table 29 are dead? Explore the fastest ocean liner at sea and get a glimpse of life on board for the passengers and the crew. Feel what it's like to live in the small community of the people on board, as news and gossip about the murder rapidly spread throughout the ship. The ship is named the United States 21, although it is often just called the “21”. It is modeled after the famous ocean liner of the mid 20th century that holds the record for the fastest Atlantic passenger ship crossing. Unlike popular cruise ships that serve a mass market and compete on size and amusement park like attractions, the “21” delivers the best food, service, and elegant surroundings, as did its namesake in the 1950’s and 60’s. The “21” does not shy away from declaring that it offers three classes of service – first class, cabin class, and tourist. Like any cruise ship or ocean liner, the “21” has a cross section of society on board, where wealth, status, culture, and class differences are found. On board the ship, the differences are magnified because of the confined space of the ship. As the tension mounts following the first murder, some of these differences melt away and some do not. The “21” takes advantage of technology. All of the capabilities of the Internet and telecommunications are fully implemented and integrated on board. All passengers and crew have access to complimentary and unlimited ultra high-speed Internet. Passenger can take a six-day journey and not miss a tweet, chat, trade, or business meeting. Of course tweeting, texting, and the use of phones is not permitted in the first class dining room, the Potomac Grill. Will the advanced communications technology enable the police on shore to determine who the murderer is before everyone at Table 29 is dead? If you read this book while on a cruise, be warned. You may find yourself watching the other passengers and the crew, wondering if one of them is planning the next murder at sea.

Raising the Bar

Author: Leigh Dillon

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 1640807365

Category: Fiction

Page: 91

View: 3765

Destin's only hope to save his historic Virginia horse farm is bad-boy rider Tonio. Opposites attract, but if Tonio fails, will love be a lost cause too?

The Hung Jury

Author: Tom Brewster

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781629895291


Page: N.A

View: 1335

In the mid-seventies Roderick Constance, much like many college freshmen out on their own in a world without parental constraints for the first time, late second semester was a time of disappointment and turmoil with the direction of how his life was headed. His academic and social failures were always someone else's fault, his trouble with the law a matter of a conspiracy of misunderstanding his right to do as he pleased without consequence. The primary difference between this 19-year-old's self-absorption and most others was that he carried out his savage revenge without regard to humanity and what was known in those days as common decency. He methodically murdered people who got in his way and those who were only pursuing their lives in an honest, purposeful way. In 2011 retired police officer Morgan Cooper reveals the recurring nightmare and lingering memories that haunted him for the last 35 years, surrounding a routine shoplifting misdemeanor case in which he had been the arresting officer. The mystery unfolds and details unravel in a terrifying look into the darkest recesses in the mind of a young man without a soul.

The Time Key

Author: Melanie Bateman

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN: 1462126480

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 6920

As Stanley got closer, he saw two figures beating on a lone man, while four others stood back to watch. “Hey!” Stanley’s voice sounded hoarse in his ears. “Leave him be!” SHADOWS THAT MOVE ON THEIR own, a mysterious device that looks like a pocket watch, a man on the run from monsters that exist in dreams—all are connected to Stanley because he interrupted a mugging. Now Stanley holds the Time Key, an object that allows him to travel through time. With the extraordinary gift of being able to see both the past and the future, he may be the only one who can save his family.

Brewing Up Murder

Author: Neila Young

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 202

View: 4220

As the owner of Mystery Cup Café in Wilton, Missouri, a town made famous by a string of long-ago murders, Blake Harper is used to the mysterious. When her barista is found strangled in a mound of coffee beans, Blake vows to find the killer, even though her sister, the town’s lead police detective, tells her to stay out of it. Blake finds plenty of suspects, like the owners of a rival coffee shop and the handsome new bookstore owner. But when new threats are made, she soon realizes the danger is centered around Mystery Cup and someone is targeting her personally. Will Blake be able to solve the murder, find a new barista, and perfect her recipe for espresso brownies before she becomes the next victim?

Drama Fraternity

A Nicky and Noah Mystery

Author: Joe Cosentino

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781986932615


Page: 190

View: 8824

Theatre professor Nicky Abbondanza is directing Tight End Scream Queen, a slasher movie filmed at Treemeadow College's football fraternity house, co-starring his husband and theatre professor colleague, Noah Oliver. When young hunky cast members begin fading out with their scenes, Nicky and Noah will once again need to use their drama skills to figure out who is sending the quarterback, jammer, wide receiver, and more to the cutting room floor before Nicky and Noah hit the final reel. You will be applauding and shouting Bravo for Joe Cosentino's fast-paced, side-splittingly funny, edge-of-your-seat entertaining sixth novel in this delightful series. Lights, camera, action, frat house murders!

Dangerous Dancers: Golden Dancer

Author: Tara Lain

Publisher: Pride

ISBN: 9781786519603

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

View: 8634

A reporter and the thief he's investigating both fall for a golden dancer, forging a menage of love and lies that could send one to prison and one to the morgue. Mac Macallister is obsessed-the online news reporter needs enough evidence to write a story accusing billionaire art collector Daniel Terrebone of stealing the Golden Dancer, a priceless work of art, from Horst Von Berg. The story promises the recognition Mac craves. But then Mac meets a real golden dancer, ballet star Trelain Medveyev, and his attraction to the man rocks his formerly straight world. When the mysterious Terrebone 'collects' this beautiful dancer, too, Mac rushes to the rescue like a knight in shining cargo pants and plunges into a three-way passion that tears him between love and guilt. Can Mac keep investigating when his story could send one man to prison and another to the morgue? Will this reporter get his story or get his men?"

The Gay Detective

Nick and Norm in Chicago

Author: Kenneth D. Michaels

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781508621690

Category: Chicago (Ill.)

Page: 216

View: 8665

The premier of Nick Scott's TV talk show, The Gay Detective, appears to be a big hit until his first guest ends up murdered. Nick, also a detective with the Chicago Police Department, and his older, straight partner Detective Norm Malone hunt this heinous serial killer tagged The Grim Reaper. This Odd Couple encounters both personal and professional conflict as this suspenseful noir thriller races to a surprise conclusion that leaves Nick and Norm battling for their lives.

Alien Quest

Author: Mark Zubro

Publisher: Mlr Press

ISBN: 9781608208746

Category: Fiction

Page: 396

View: 8014

Gay Chicago waiter falls in love with a sexy, mysterious alien who asks for his help to save Earth from a mad scientist. Chicago waiter Mike Carlson stumbles into intergalactic intrigue and romance as he becomes involved with Joe, an alien cop, who lands on Earth in pursuit of a dangerous mad scientist bent on taking over our corner of the universe. As Mike joins Joe on a wild adventure beyond anything he dreamed of in his life, Mike must balance his obligations to his nephew and his first lover-- with a little help from a drag queen in sequins and spandex and the well-dressed patrons of a leather bar.

Wife by Wednesday

Author: Catherine Bybee

Publisher: Center Point

ISBN: 9781628999884

Category: Fiction

Page: 500

View: 1641

"Blake needs a wife in order to keep his inheritance and offers Samantha ten million dollars for a one year marriage contract. It was a marriage contract the planned for everything ... except falling in love"--