Practice Makes Perfect Complete French Grammar

Author: Annie Heminway

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071787828

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 320

View: 3426

Build your confidence in your French skills with practice, practice, practice! From present tense regular verbs to double object pronouns, this comprehensive guide and workbook covers all those aspects of French grammar that you might find a little intimidating or hard to remember. Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar focuses on the practical aspects of French as it's really spoken, so you are not bogged down by unnecessary technicalities. Each unit features crystal-clear explanations, numerous realistic examples, and dozens of engaging exercises in a variety of formats--including multiple choice, fill-in sentences and passages, sentence rewrites, and creative writing--perfect for whatever your learning style. Whenever possible, explanations include comparisons you to understand the basic logic behind the rules and to remember correct usage. This new edition includes: Time-saving vocabulary panels that eliminate having to look words up Advice on how to avoid common mistakes A detailed answer key for quick, easy progress checks Offering a winning formula for getting a handle on French grammar right away, Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar your ultimate resource for learning to speak French the way the native speakers do.

Cahier D'exercices

Author: Josiane Labascoule,Philippe Liria,Maria Rita Rodriguez,S. L. Difusion,Corinne Royer

Publisher: Difusion

ISBN: 9780131563803

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 96

View: 9987


A table! Apprendre le français autrement - Cahier d'exercices

Cahier d'exercices

Author: Monique Prochasson-Renard

Publisher: Société des Ecrivains

ISBN: 2342012985


Page: 90

View: 5867

Concoctée et mitonnée par Monique Prochasson-Renard, " A table ! Apprendre le français autrement " est une méthode d'apprentissage du français qui a bien compris qu'il n'y a qu'un pas entre la langue avec laquelle on déguste et celle avec laquelle on parle. Aussi s'appuie-t-elle sur une exploration de la gastronomie française, véritable art de vivre, afin de donner aux apprenants les outils linguistiques qui leur permettront déjà de voyager sereinement en France. Constituée de deux livrets (ici le " Cahier d'exercices "), cette méthode privilégie la mise en situation réelle par les jeux de rôle, le recours intensif à l'oral, la découverte de la diversité culinaire française, l'acquisition d'un large lexique et la maîtrise des premières difficultés de grammaire et de conjugaison de la langue française. Originale et vivante, inédite et motivante, voici une méthode qui mise sur les nourritures terrestres pour s'approprier toutes les saveurs de la langue française !

English for the IB MYP 3

Author: Zara Kaiserimam,Ana de Castro

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN: 1471880699

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

View: 4862

Develop your skills to become an inquiring learner; ensure you navigate the MYP framework with confidence using a concept-driven and assessment-focused approach to English presented in global contexts. - Develop conceptual understanding with key MYP concepts and related concepts at the heart of each chapter. - Learn by asking questions with a statement of inquiry in each chapter. - Prepare for every aspect of assessment using support and tasks designed by experienced educators. - Understand how to extend your learning through research projects and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Murder In Memoriam

Author: Didier Daeninckx

Publisher: Melville House

ISBN: 1612191479

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 7798

On the evening of October 17, 1961 twenty-thousand Algerians marched in Paris in defiance of and in protest against a curfew imposed by Maurice Papon, chief of the Paris Metropolitan Police. The protesters were met with ferocious and uninhibited violence. Eleven-thousand were arrested; more than one thousand injured; as many as three hundred were killed, many of them thrown into the Seine, from which their bodies were later recovered. In recreating the scene of the atrocities in Murder in Memoriam, his controversial alarum first published in 1984, Didier Daeninckx introduces a fictional observer of the riot, Roger Thiraud, a middle-aged history teacher in a public school, only steps from his home and his waiting, pregnant wife. In the first few minutes of the demonstration, he will be assassinated, in cold blood, by a member of the anti-terrorist secret police. For nearly forty years after October 1961, France would deny the killings. Upon the independence of Algeria in 1962 an amnesty put its perpetrators safely beyond prosecution. The records were buried. In 1981, Bernard Thiraud, Roger's son, is researching the archives in Toulouse, intent on completing his father's history of his birthplace, Drancy, now notorious as the site of a detention and transit camp from which Jews were deported to Auschwitz. One afternoon, after leaving the town hall, he too is murdered -- the victim of what appears to investigating officers to be a professional killing. When inspector Cadin of the Toulouse prefecture learns of the unsolved murder of the young man's father, he suspects a connection. But why would anybody want to kill two bourgeois, politically unconnected history teachers? Didier Daeninckx has located the link between the two murders in the history that France had yet to confront -- in its colonial racism and its complicity in genocide. Daeninckx made this connection in fiction, deliberately provoking its acknowledgment in fact. Murder in Memoriam anticipated by more than a decade the shocking revelations provided by the exposure, trial, and conviction of Maurice Papon -- the Parisian chief of police in 1961, and the never-named villain whose real crimes, unrevealed at the time of its first publication, haunt this account -- for crimes against humanity; for his part in the administration of the deportation of the Jews from Bordeaux to Auschwitz. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Apprendre A Traduire

Author: Valentine Watson Rodger

Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press

ISBN: 1551302543

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 252

View: 1637

Of the thirty years of the third edition of Learning to translate, ten are new. While some focus on issues already covered in the first two editions, others are looking at new problems: acronyms, signs and panels; with the prepositions and with it and on. Two compound exercises that purpose are specifically devoted to the question of language levels at which the previous editions had not given the attention it deserves. Elsewhere in the manual was replaced or modified translate all phrases that were outdated; it also brought to the explanatory introductions certain exercises changes designed to make them more comprehensive, clearer and more effective. All exercises therefore include some new elements. The manual of the contemporary lexicon is and will be useful to the student, not only in the dissertation and other courses, but also in everyday conversation. Thus rejuvenated, Learning to translate much better meet the current needs of students and those of their teachers.

Practice Makes Perfect French Reading and Comprehension

Author: Annie Heminway

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071798919

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 288

View: 9841

Immerse yourself in French readings and build your comprehension skills Using authentic texts from French-speaking cultures, Practice Makes Perfect: French Reading and Comprehension enables you to enhance your vocabulary with new terms and expressions. Each unit features authentic French-language material--newspaper and magazine articles, websites, and more--giving you a real taste of how the language is used, as well as insights into the Francophone culture. Word lists and grammar sections specific to the readings support your learning along the way. Like all Practice Makes Perfect workbooks, you will get plenty of practice, practice, practice using your new skills and vocabulary. Whether you are learning on your own or taking an advanced beginning or intermediate French class, Practice Makes Perfect: French Reading and Comprehension will help you build your confidence in using your new language. Practice Makes Perfect: French Reading and Comprehension helps you: Polish your reading and comprehension abilities with numerous exercises Enrich your French vocabulary with hundreds of new words Learn about the intriguing and influential French-speaking cultures

Practice Makes Perfect French Verb Tenses

Author: Trudie Booth

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071789588

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 432

View: 6699

Go Beyond Conjugation and Learn the Right Verb Tenses for Speaking and Writing in French If you’re looking for help memorizing French verb conjugations, any French verb book will do. But if you are interested in becoming fluent, you’ll need to learn how these building blocks are used in everyday, natural language. That’s where Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb Tenses comes in. The ideal reference and workbook for beginning to intermediate French learners, Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb Tenses shows you when and why to use certain verb tenses and gives you plenty of examples, increasing your confidence in choosing the right word. This updated second edition of Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb Tenses lets you: Learn when and why to use different verb tenses Reinforce your knowledge with everyday examples covering a wide range of topics Build your verb skills using more than 300 engaging exercises With numerous skill-building exercises, comprehensive verb conjugation tables, and the proven Practice Makes Perfect format, you will learn to master French in no time at all.

French Grammar in Context

Analysis and Practice

Author: Margaret A. Jubb,Annie Rouxeville

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN: 9780340807606

Category: French language

Page: 256

View: 1971

Taking authentic texts from a variety of sources - the human body on CD-ROM, a fish recipe, 'L'Etranger' and many others - this book uses them as a starting point for the illustration and explanation of key areas of French grammar. It includes a range of exercises, many of them text-based.

Latitudes 2

Author: Régine Mérieux,Yves Loiseau,Emmanuel Lainé

Publisher: Editions Didier

ISBN: 9782278062669

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 143

View: 1800

Latitudes guide à tout moment l'apprenant dans un processus d'acquisition. Par sa structuration claire et accessible, cette méthode l'amène naturellement à communiquer et à réaliser des tâches en français. L'apprentissage des savoir-faire langagiers va de pair avec la découverte des réalités socioculturelles propres à la France et à la francophonie. Latitudes 2 s'adresse aux grands-adolescents et aux adultes qui souhaitent poursuivre leur apprentissage du français vers un niveau A2/Bl.

First French Picture Dictionary

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405326638

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 9730

From Bonjour to Au Revoir, an invaluable introduction to French vocabulary. Whether you want to learn the French for colours and shapes or learn verb constructions, it's as easy as un, deux, trois with this picture dictionary. Hundreds of images help reinforce understanding of key words and lists of useful phrases, numbers and months of the year are included for quick reference!

Better English Pronunciation

Author: J. D. O'Connor

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521231527

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 150

View: 9119

It is a highly successful and widely-used text on pronunciation. It provides a systematic and thorough introduction to the pronunciation of English to help intermediate and more advanced students improve their pronunciation of the spoken language. A recording of all the practice material in the book is available on CDs.