War Crimes and Human Rights

Essays on the Death Penalty, Justice, and Accountability

Author: William Schabas

Publisher: Cameron May

ISBN: 1905017634

Category: Capital punishment

Page: 1158

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This is a collection of essays and articles on human rights law and international criminal law authored by William Schabas, one of the most prominent contemporary scholars and practitioners. Particular attention is given to such topics as the limitation and abolition of the death penalty, genocide and crimes against humanity, the establishment and operation of the International Criminal Court and the ad hoc international criminal tribunals, truth and reconciliation commissions, reservations to human rights treaties, and the implementation of international human rights norms in domestic law

International Criminal Law

Author: Douglas Guilfoyle

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198728964

Category: International criminal law

Page: 456

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This unique textbook provides an accessible introduction to a fascinating subject area. Written with student needs at its heart, innovative features such as 'Counterpoint' and 'Pause for reflection' boxes highlight current debates and areas worthy of more detailed analysis, providing students with the tools they need to develop their knowledge and start thinking critically about the law. Learning outcomes open each chapter, and are complemented by closing summaries to further support student understanding. Structured in four parts, the book first sets out the key international law principles which assume special significance in relation to international criminal law before going on to consider international criminal tribunals, the prosecution of international crimes, and the 'core' international crimes which have been prosecuted to date. Finally, consideration is given to issues such as legal defences and immunities under international law. Written by an outstanding scholar and teacher, this user-friendly text offers a unique approach to the subject area, making it the ideal choice for those new to the subject area. Online Resource Centre This book is accompanied by a free Online Resource Centre hosting links to key international law documents, additional material on the victims of crime, and updates on important developments within the subject area.

An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure

Author: Robert Cryer,Håkan Friman,Darryl Robinson,Elizabeth Wilmshurst

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139993348

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 4371

By offering both a comprehensive update and new material reflecting the continuing development of the subject, this continues to be the leading textbook on international criminal law. Its experienced author team draws on its combined expertise as teachers, scholars and practitioners to offer an authoritative survey of the field. The third edition contains new material on the theory of international criminal law, the practice of international criminal tribunals, the developing case law on principles of liability and procedures and new practice on immunities. It offers valuable supporting online materials such as case studies, worked examples and study guides. Retaining its comprehensive coverage, clarity and critical analysis, it remains essential reading for all in the field.

Human Rights Module

On Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, Other Crimes Against Human Rights, and War Crimes

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 431

View: 7274

This new edition updates and expands the first.The Human Rights Module provides an up-to-date exploration of the “core” international crimes most often associated with human rights infractions for those interested in human rights and for use in international law courses, human rights courses, or seminars. “Core” crimes include crimes against humanity, genocide, other crimes against human rights (such as torture, criminalized race discrimination, apartheid, hostage-taking, and disappearances), and war crimes. There is also a separate chapter on sanctions against Karadzic that applies many of the core crimes in both criminal and civil sanctions arenas (before the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia and the U.S. federal courts) with respect to one setting: the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This book is an excellent resource for courses focusing on crimes against humanity, genocide, and other crimes against human rights (and/or war crimes). Author Jordan J. Paust presents cases and materials in Part One and documents in Part Two. These sections may be used separately or in different groupings as relevant to particular needs. Non-scholarly readers interested in human rights will also find the book informative.

The Better Angels of Our Nature

Why Violence Has Declined

Author: Steven Pinker

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 0143122010

Category: Psychology

Page: 802

View: 5944

Presents a controversial history of violence which argues that today's world is the most peaceful time in human existence, drawing on psychological insights into intrinsic values that are causing people to condemn violence as an acceptable measure.

Understanding Human Trafficking, Corruption, and the Optics of Misconduct in the Public, Private, and NGO Sectors

Causes, Actors, and Solutions

Author: Luz Estella Nagle

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781531001964

Category: Human trafficking

Page: 297

View: 3280

Understanding Human Trafficking, Corruption, and the Optics of Misconduct in the Public, Private, and NGO Sectors: Causes, Actors, and Solutions, examines the complex interrelationship of human trafficking and the acts of corruption and misconduct that sustain human trafficking and are in turn sustained by human trafficking. This book explains in detail the nature and scope of human trafficking and corruption, the global efforts to combat both, and how corruption and misconduct impact its proliferation worldwide. The book also sheds light on problems within the anti-human trafficking non-government movement and offers solutions to holding accountable the organizations that are supposed to be helping trafficking victims, but may be doing more harm than good.

The court and the United Nations

Author: Shabtai Rosenne

Publisher: Brill

ISBN: 9789004150195

Category: International courts

Page: 1891

View: 8072

Revised edition of : The law and practice of the International Court, 1920-1996. 3rd edition 1997.

World Report on Violence and Health

Author: Etienne G. Krug,World Health Organization

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9789241545617

Category: Medical

Page: 346

View: 3318

This report is part of WHO's response to the 49th World Health Assembly held in 1996 which adopted a resolution declaring violence a major and growing public health problem across the world. It is aimed largely at researchers and practitioners including health care workers, social workers, educators and law enforcement officials.

Selected International Human Rights Instruments and Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law

Author: David Weissbrodt,Joan Fitzpatrick,Frank C. Newman,Marci Hoffman,Mary Rumsey

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 0327178477

Category: Law

Page: 748

View: 7931

This comprehensive documentary supplement contains selected international human rights instruments, including: • United Nations Documents • Other United Nations Instruments • Regional Instruments • U.S. Reservations, Declarations, and Understandings • Selected U.S. Legislation This volume also contains a bibliography for research on international human rights law, including entries for: • Human Rights Instruments (compilations of, status of, and legislative history of) • Human Rights Case Law, Jurisprudence, Decisions, and Digests • Research Guides on the Major Human Rights Instruments • Refugee Law • Economic Issues • International Criminal Tribunals • Research Guides and Bibliographies • Book and Periodical Indexes • Electronic Sources

A Jack Greenberg Lexicon

Author: William Cole

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781946074065

Category: History

Page: 183

View: 6934

For almost seven decades Jack Greenberg fought for justice, firmly establishing himself as a legend in the legal community and beyond. Of course, he had a private life as well: he loved his family and friends, opera, cooking, travel, jokes, fine wines, and his country. This highly original book, by Greenberg's adopted son, is part biography, part memoir, part reference book, and part photo album. It includes substantial, heretofore unpublished documentation and about 150 photographs. It brings together the disparate elements of Greenberg's life and character with insights, scholarship, and humor.

Old Evidence and Core International Crimes

Author: Wui Ling Cheah

Publisher: Torkel Opsahl Academic Epublisher

ISBN: 9788293081609

Category: Criminal law

Page: 340

View: 7895

It is often only years after the commission of core international crimes that prosecutions and investigations take place. This anthology addresses challenges associated with such delayed justice: the location, treatment, and assessment of old evidence. Part I considers the topic from the perspective of different actors involved in the prosecution of core international crimes at the domestic and international levels. Part II comprises chapters focusing on the efforts of the Bangladeshi authorities to investigate and prosecute international crimes perpetrated during the 1971 war. This book brings together experienced judges, prosecutors, lawyers, scientists, and commentators who have dealt with questions of old evidence in their work. Among the contributors are Shafique Ahmed, Andrew Cayley, David Cohen, Seena Fazel, Siri S. Frigaard, M. Amir-Ul Islam, Md. Shahinur Islam, Agnieszka Klonowiecka-Milart, Alphons M.M. Orie, Stephen J. Rapp, Patrick J. Treanor, Otto Triffterer and Martin Witteveen. The chapters describe the challenges encountered in practice and suggest concrete solutions that can be tailored to fit the circumstances of the case or country. By providing a comprehensive analysis of the relevant problems in this area and a variety of views, this anthology will serve as an invaluable resource for criminal justice actors and researchers seeking to address questions of old evidence.

Protection of Civilians

Author: Haidi Willmot,Marc Weller,Ralph Mamiya,Scott Sheeran

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0191045497

Category: Law

Page: 330

View: 8805

The protection of civilians is a highly topical issue at the forefront of international discourse, and has taken a prominent role in many international deployments. It has been at the centre of debates on the NATO intervention in Libya, UN deployments in Darfur, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and on the failures of the international community in Sri Lanka and Syria. Variously described as a moral responsibility, a legal obligation, a mandated peacekeeping task, and the culmination of humanitarian activity, it has become a high-profile concern of governments, international organisations, and civil society, and a central issue in international peace and security. This book offers a multidisciplinary treatment of this important topic, harnessing perspectives from international law and international relations, traversing academia and practice. Moving from the historical and philosophical development of the civilian protection concept, through relevant bodies of international law and normative underpinnings, and on to politics and practice, the volume presents coherent cross-cutting analysis of the realities of conflict and diplomacy. In doing so, it engages a series of current debates, including on the role of politics in what has often been characterized as a humanitarian endeavour, and the challenges and impacts of the use of force. The work brings together a wide array of eminent academics and respected practitioners, incorporating contributions from legal scholars and ethicists, political commentators, diplomats, UN officials, military commanders, development experts and humanitarian aid workers. As the most comprehensive publication on the subject, this will be a first port of call for anyone studing or working towards a better protection of civilians in conflict.

The Responsibility to Protect

Research, Bibliography, Background : Supplementary Volume to the Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty

Author: International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty,International Development Research Centre (Canada)

Publisher: IDRC

ISBN: 9780889369634

Category: Political Science

Page: 410

View: 3876

Responsibility to Protect: Research, bibliography, background. Supplementary volume to the Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty

Human Rights in Business

Removal of Barriers to Access to Justice in the European Union

Author: Juan José Álvarez Rubio,Katerina Yiannibas

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351979159

Category: Law

Page: 158

View: 8940

The capacity to abuse, or in general affect the enjoyment of human, labour and environmental rights has risen with the increased social and economic power that multinational companies wield in the global economy. At the same time, it appears that it is difficult to regulate the activities of multinational companies in such a way that they conform to international human, labour and environmental rights standards. This has partially to do with the organization of companies into groups of separate legal persons, incorporated in different states, as well as with the complexity of the corporate supply chain. Absent a business and human rights treaty, a more coherent legal and policy approach is required. Faced with the challenge of how to effectively access the right to remedy in the European Union for human rights abuses committed by EU companies in non-EU states, a diverse research consortium of academic and legal institutions was formed. The consortium, coordinated by the Globernance Institute for Democratic Governance, became the recipient of a 2013 Civil Justice Action Grant from the European Commission Directorate General for Justice. A mandate was thus issued for research, training and dissemination so as to bring visibility to the challenge posed and moreover, to provide some solutions for the removal of barriers to judicial and non-judicial remedy for victims of business-related human rights abuses in non-EU states. The project commenced in September 2014 and over the course of two years the consortium conducted research along four specific lines in parallel with various training sessions across EU Member States. The research conducted focused primarily on judicial remedies, both jurisdictional barriers and applicable law barriers; non-judicial remedies, both to company-based grievance. The results of this research endeavour make up the content of this report whose aim is to provide a scholarly foundation for policy proposals by identifying specific challenges relevant to access to justice in the European Union and to provide recommendations on how to remove legal and practical barriers so as to provide access to remedy for victims of business-related human rights abuses in non-EU states.

Handbook for Prison Leaders

A Basic Training Tool and Curriculum for Prison Managers Based on International Standards and Norms

Author: United Nations

Publisher: United Nations Publications

ISBN: 9789211302929

Category: Political Science

Page: 140

View: 2501

The Handbook focuses on an overview of key issues which should be of concern to prison managers and the reforms they must often engage in and promote as prison leaders. It is meant to support a basic five-day training workshop for prison officials responsible for leading and managing prisons in developing and post-conflict countries. It is aimed to explore and understand practical ways in which prison leaders can more effectively implement international standards and norms in the institutions for which they are responsible. The Handbook and the workshop curriculum provide a template to help leaders identify the changes required in their environment and to reflect on the challenges they are likely to encounter in bringing about these changes.

The Genocide Convention

An International Law Analysis

Author: John Quigley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317030737

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 7791

The Genocide Convention explores the question of whether the law and genocide law in particular can prevent mass atrocities. The volume explains how genocide came to be accepted as a legal norm and analyzes the intent required for this categorization. The work also discusses individual suits against states for genocide and, finally, explores the utility of genocide as a legal concept.