Radical Environmental and Animal Liberation Movements

Author: Don Liddick

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275985356

Category: Nature

Page: 189

View: 4030

A vivid introduction to eco-terrorism in the United States, covering such groups as PETA, ALF, and ELF.


Author: Douglas Long

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 143812547X

Category: Ecoterrorism

Page: 305

View: 2914

Provides an overview of the issue of ecoterrorism, including history, terminology, biographical information on important figures in this field, and a complete annotated bibliography.

From Environmental Action to Ecoterrorism?

Towards a Process Theory of Environmental and Animal Rights Oriented Political Violence

Author: Gerry Nagtzaam

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1785367358

Category: Ecoterrorism

Page: 368

View: 3411

This book scrutinizes the growth of the ‘eco-terrorism’ movement operating on a global scale, focusing on the main groups and their more radical offshoots, both historically and those currently active. These include Earth First!, the Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It critically examines how these groups form and how they have evolved, their key personnel, their strategies and tactics, principles, motivating philosophies and attitudes to violence. Specifically, the book seeks to understand whether such groups inevitably evolve from activists to militants to terrorists, as the literature suggests. Lastly, it considers the future of such groups, asking whether they will become more prominent as more people become ecologically aware and as global environmental conditions deteriorate, or whether such groups have peaked as a force for environmental change.

Environmental Security and Ecoterrorism

Author: Hami Alpas,Simon M. Berkowicz,Irina Ermakova

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400712375

Category: Science

Page: 188

View: 9369

In recent years, the concept of environmental security has been adapted to include preparedness for acts of ecoterrorism. This latter term has now become synonymous with environmental terrorism where the perpetrator uses the environment as a weapon to harm an opponent. The intended outcome is usually large-scale deaths, severe damage to the environment, and instilling fear in the general population. This book explores various facets of ecoterrorism including the role of the state in pursuing and maintaining environmental security, a review of the concept of ecoterrorism, food security challenges and weaknesses, technological countermeasures to enable rapid detection or response, and existing pollution sources and hazards that may serve as targets for terrorist acts. In sum, this volume provides a useful overview for both the layperson and experienced researchers.

Eco-terrorism specifically examining the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front

hearing before the Committee on Environment and Public Works, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, first session, May 18, 2005

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Environment and Public Works

Publisher: Office of the Federal Register


Category: Law

Page: 150

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The Code of Federal Regulations is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the United States Federal Government.

Eco-terrorism and lawlessness on the national forests

oversight hearing before the Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health of the Committee on Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, second session, February 12, 2002

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Resources. Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 133

View: 3142


Constructing Ecoterrorism

Capitalism, Speciesism and Animal Rights

Author: John Sorenson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781552668290


Page: 254

View: 7844

Animal rights is an important social justice movement, and the animal rights movement presents ethical and political challenges to deeply rooted structures of violence and exploitation, challenging ideologies of capitalism and speciesism. Corporate interests that form the animal industrial complex understand the animal rights movement as a threat to their profits and have mobilized to undermine it. Informed by both critical animal studies and critical terrorism studies, John Sorenson analyzes ecoterrorism as a social construction. He examines how corporations that profit from animal exploitation fund and produce propaganda to portray the compassionate goals and nonviolent practices of animal activists as outlandish, anti-human campaigns that operate by violent means not only to destroy Western civilization but also to create actual genocide. The idea of concern for others is itself a dangerous one, and capitalism works by keeping people focused on individual interests and discouraging compassion and commitment to others. Driven by powerful and wealthy industries founded upon the exploitation of nonhuman animals and the extraction of natural resources, the discourse of ecoterrorism is a useful mechanism to repress criticism of the institutionalized violence and cruelty of these industries as well as their destructive impact on the environment, their major contribution to global warming and ecological disaster, and their negative impacts on human health. Further, by deliberately constructing an image of activists as dangerous and violent terrorists, these corporations and their representatives in government have created a widespread climate of fear that is very useful in legitimizing calls for more policing and more repressive legislation, such as Bill C-51 in Canada.

Green Is the New Red

An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege

Author: Will Potter

Publisher: City Lights Publishers

ISBN: 0872865525

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 8777

An insider tells how environmentalists and animal rights activists have become "the number one domestic terrorism threat."

State of Fear

Author: Michael Crichton

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061752728

Category: Fiction

Page: 816

View: 1593

New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton delivers another action-packed techo-thriller in State of Fear. When a group of eco-terrorists engage in a global conspiracy to generate weather-related natural disasters, its up to environmental lawyer Peter Evans and his team to uncover the subterfuge. From Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Antarctica to the Solomon Islands, Michael Crichton mixes cutting edge science and action-packed adventure, leading readers on an edge-of-your-seat ride while offering up a thought-provoking commentary on the issue of global warming. A deftly-crafted novel, in true Crichton style, State of Fear is an exciting, stunning tale that not only entertains and educates, but will make you think.

The Monkey Wrench Gang

Author: Edward Abbey,R. Crumb

Publisher: Dream Garden Press

ISBN: 9780942688184

Category: Fiction

Page: 356

View: 916

Ex-Green Beret George Hayduke returns from war to find his beloved southwestern desert threatened by industrial development. Joining with Bronx exile and feminist saboteur Bonnie Abzug, wilderness guide and outcast Mormon Seldom Seen Smith, and libertarian billboard torcher Doc Sarvis, M.D., Hayduke is ready to fight the power. They (the Monkey Wrench Gang) take on the strip miners, clear-cutters, and the highway, dam, and bridge builders who are threatening the natural habitat in this is a comedic novel of destructive mayhem and outrageous civil disobedience.

Rainbow Six

Author: Tom Clancy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780425170342

Category: Fiction

Page: 897

View: 673

In a novel of military intrigue, formidable ex-Navy SEAL John Clark takes on a world-threatening band of terrorists


The Violent Agenda to Save Nature : the World of the Unabomber

Author: Ron Arnold

Publisher: Merril Press

ISBN: 9780939571185

Category: Law

Page: 324

View: 2148

Conviction records of radical environmentalists! Detailed lists of sabotage against people and property! Names of the guilty groups-no punches pulled! EcoTerror author Ron Arnold has long challenged the assumptions and rhetoric of organized evironmentalism. In this extensively documented book he now exposes and entire underground movement of violence to save nature. The Unabomer used radical environmental publications to target his last two victims, Thomas Mosser and Gil Murray. The vicious Animal Liberation Front maintains a World Wide Web site that brags over 600 crimes committed in the name of 'animal rights'. Earth Firsters use a tactic called 'decoupling' to hide their involvement in 'monkeywrenching'- sabotage against essential production. Protest demonstrations against logging in the Pacific Northwest cost the taxpayer over $1million a year in emergency law enforcement. The overwhelming majority of the victims attacked by ecoterrorists are small family companies, not big corporations. Big-money foundations give millions to smear anyone who stands up to expose ecoterrorists and the moral bankruptcy of big eco-groups. Mainstream environmentalists incite underground violence to save nature by promoting hate against industrialized civilization rather than offering respect for its benefits and practical solutions for its problems.


"Ignored and Unenforced Law"

Author: Paul E. Truitt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503521257

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

View: 7354

“Those who recognize and stand up to psychopaths can expect unending retaliation.”—R. Hare The author exposed nonfeasance and malfeasance in two government agencies in Tennessee. As a result, he has spent the last fifteen years in a continuous lopsided battle against domestic terrorists and corrupt government officials. It has been as if he has been placed on a secret government “blacklist.” Many of those who could and should enforce the laws turned out to be terrorists themselves. What the author has experienced—and witnessed—has literally sickened his heart! The law entitled “Ecoterrorism” was enacted to protect two very basic human rights: the “right to work” in one’s chosen line of work and the “right to property”—the right to own, use, enjoy, and benefit from one’s personal property. A person is guilty of ecoterrorism if the person commits a specified offense against property by intimidating or coercing a person lawfully participating in an activity involving animals, or preventing or obstructing a person lawfully participating in an activity involving animals. This law is not hard to comprehend. Yet it goes unenforced, ignored by law enforcement as a civil matter! Whistleblowers in Nashville were maliciously prosecuted and terminated from their government jobs; the anti-racing ecoterrorists in PA insanely carried out their published terroristic threats for over five years, and law enforcement and the justice system simply ignored their despicable crimes and did nothing! Terrorists (domestic or foreign) are evil people with evil motives, often masquerading as activists with a noble political or religious cause. In reality, their primary criminal objectives are personal gain—sex, power, and/or money. Laws are the conscience of humanity; the reason that terrorism is so successful is because terrorists play by no rules, have no moral values, and have no conscience or sense of guilt or remorse! Terrorists of any kind are nothing but psychopaths! Ecoterrorism is a very lucrative form of terrorism used by perverted animal rights activists to exploit those who make their living participating in animal-related activities. After dealing with ecoterrorists for the last several years, the author clearly sees that ecoterrorism has nothing to do with the love of animals! Ecoterrorists are often psychopaths masked as “animal rights activists” and “animal lovers”! Ecoterrorism is politically charged; therefore, it is often ignored by law enforcement—no matter how criminal and despicable it gets! Psychopathic behavior is often so camouflaged and so veiled that even the victims may have a hard time recognizing it until after most of the damage has been done. A similar phenomenon, known as “naïve prey syndrome,” occurs in nature, whereas the prey does not recognize the predator until the predator has literally got them by the throat. In reality, the “anti-racing persona” of anti-thoroughbred racing activists is just a smoke screen; the real motive is personal gain in the form of fraudulently solicited donations and high-quality thoroughbred horses that become free for the taking once the owner has been falsely prosecuted and their valuable thoroughbreds have been stolen under the perverted pretense of official right. Anti-racing ecoterrorists have developed sophisticated ways to harm and kill thoroughbred horses—ways that will go undetected and uninvestigated but reflect badly on the targeted owners and trainers! “You couldn’t run (or breed) a dead horse” is one of the anti- racing ecoterrorists’ sinister sayings. As the author have been so painfully made aware of!

Understanding Apocalyptic Terrorism

Countering the Radical Mindset

Author: Frances L. Flannery

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131767457X

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 9924

This book explores a cross-cultural worldview called 'radical apocalypticism' that underlies the majority of terrorist movements in the twenty-first century. Although not all apocalypticism is violent, in its extreme forms radical apocalypticism gives rise to terrorists as varied as members of Al Qaeda, Anders Behring Breivik, or Timothy McVeigh. In its secular variations, it also motivates ideological terrorists, such as the eco-terrorists Earth Liberation Front or The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. This book provides an original paradigm for distinguishing between peaceful and violent or radical forms of apocalypticism and analyses the history, major transformations, and characteristics of the apocalyptic thought system. Using an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach, this book discusses the mechanisms of radicalization and dynamics of perceived oppression and violence to clarify anew the self-identities, motivations, and goals of a broad swath of terrorists. As conventional counter-terrorism approaches have so far failed to stem the cycle of terrorism, this approach suggests a comprehensive "cultural" method to combating terrorism that addresses the appeal of radical apocalyptic terrorist ideology itself. This book will be of much interest to students of apocalypticism, political violence, terrorism and counter-terrorism, intelligence studies, religious studies, and security studies.

Routledge Handbook of Critical Terrorism Studies

Author: Richard Jackson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317801628

Category: Political Science

Page: 312

View: 3026

This new handbook is a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge essays that investigate the contribution of Critical Terrorism Studies to our understanding of contemporary terrorism and counterterrorism. Terrorism remains one of the most important security and political issues of our time. After 9/11, Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) emerged as an alternative approach to the mainstream study of terrorism and counterterrorism, one which combined innovative methods with a searching critique of the abuses of the war on terror. This volume explores the unique contribution of CTS to our understanding of contemporary non-state violence and the state’s response to it. It draws together contributions from key thinkers in the field who explore critical questions around the nature and study of terrorism, the causes of terrorism, state terrorism, responses to terrorism, the war on terror, and emerging issues in terrorism research. Covering a wide range of topics including key debates in the field and emerging issues, the Routledge Handbook of Critical Terrorism Studies will set a benchmark for future research on terrorism and the response to it. This handbook will be of great interest to students of terrorism studies, political violence, critical security studies and IR in general.

The Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Eco-System

Author: Kannan Subramanian

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1945497645

Category: Political Science

Page: 424

View: 367

"A guide that illustrates the methods, mechanisms, techniques and instruments to launder money and finance terrorism. It explains risk-based approaches to minimise the risk at the national level and for each sector of the eco-system. Mr. T.S. Krishnamurthy Former Chief Election Commissioner, Government of India; Former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax-Mumbai, India. This book not only examines thoroughly the problem in a comprehensive manner with interesting case studies but also provides governance measures to mitigate the evil. Kannan has rightly stressed the need for proper evidence gathering, domestic co-ordination of various agencies and international co-operation to deal with this global priority. His suggestion to implement a National Integrity System is worth the attention of a government. Dr S.Ramamurthy – Fiscal Management Expert, formerly with the IMF The book throws light on relevant methodologies and tools to mitigate the adverse impact of money laundering. It explains a risk-based approach to mitigate the risks at the entity and national levels. It is very valuable book to those practitioners combating money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism world-wide."

American Environmentalism

The US Environmental Movement, 1970-1990

Author: Riley E. Dunlap,Angela G. Mertig

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317758803

Category: Science

Page: 136

View: 3982

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Understanding the Radical Environmental Movement, Updated Edition

Author: Rik Scarce

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315429845

Category: Social Science

Page: 335

View: 429

Eco-Warriors was the first in-depth look at the people, actions, history and philosophies behind the "radical" environmental movement. Focusing on the work of Earth First!, the Sea Shepherds, Greenpeace, and the Animal Liberation Front, among others, Rik Scarce told exciting and sometimes frightening tales of front-line warriors defending an Earth they see as being in environmental peril. While continuing to study these movements as a Ph.D. student, Scarce was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to divulge his sources to prosecutors eager to thwart these groups’ activities. In this updated edition, Scarce brings the trajectory of this movement up to date—including material on the Earth Liberation Front—and provides current resources for all who wish to learn more about one of the most dynamic and confrontational political movements of our time. Literate, captivating, and informative, this is also an ideal volume for classes on environmentalism, social movements, or contemporary politics.