Get a Cruise Ship Job

Author: Neil Maxwell-Keys

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1609849620

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Get paid to travel to exotic places that few people ever get to see. Visit the Caribbean, Bahamas, America, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, Africa, Canada, the Far East, the Pacific, the Mediterranean - even the Arctic! * Earn a great tax-free income! * Meet new people and make amazing friends of all nationalities! * Work in a luxurious and elegant 5-star environment! * Escape the "rat race" of home. And enjoy possibly the most amazing, satisfying and life-changing experience you ́ll ever have! My name is Neil Maxwell Keys, and in the next few minutes I ́d like to show you how you can quickly and easily land yourself a job on one of the worlds most luxurious cruise ships. Best of all, you can do this even if you have little or no experience in anything. A few years ago I tried hard to get a cruise ship job. It seemed the ideal way to save some money and travel the world while having some serious fun-in-the-sun! "Unfortunately I soon discovered that getting a job on a cruise ship is one of the hardest, most frustrating things you can do!" I scrambled night and day to find anything I could that would help me. But frustrating searches on the internet only turned-up ́dodgy ́ looking websites selling nothing but outdated numbers that didn ́t work... websites that no longer existed...and lots of false promises. And so-called agencies "guaranteed" me a job...but ONLY if I paid them a hefty fee! "I spent over $300 and wasted 12 months wandering around the Internet trying to get a job on a cruise ship. Don ́t make the same mistakes as me!" No one seemed to know anything. And nobody seemed to want to help without trying to take a big chunk of my hard-earned money. But it gets worse, much worse because I found that when I did manage to get through to the cruise lines...I ALWAYS got rejected! In fact I have a whole heap of rejection letters I could show you, that I received one after the other. Each time I got rejected, it crushed my feelings like a grape. Maybe this has happened to you too? You see, I knew that cruise lines hire 9,000 to 15,000 new staff PER YEAR just to keep up with all the new ships being launched. And yet I couldn ́t even get one lousy job! I concluded that this was a "closed" industry. And unless you knew anyone who already worked on a cruise ship and who was prepared to get you in...or you had a lot of money and were willing to pay big for it...then your chance of success was almost zero. I was about to give up on my dream when by complete accident... ...I discovered some startling 'secrets' about cruise ship jobs that anyone could use to get hired in the shortest time possible! The first time I applied these secrets the tables turned so dramatically it made my head spin. You see, now cruise line companies were calling ME with job offers - and I didn't know who to choose! Now, after several glorious years of working on some of the most desirable cruise ships in the world, I have traveled to many parts of South America, most of the islands of the Caribbean (my favorite being Barbados!) I have visited several islands of the Bahamas and much of Florida and the Keys, even Alaska. I made many great friends of all different nationalities and experienced tons of fantastic times and rare moments I ́ll treasure forever - and I got paid for it! And I can show YOU how to do all of this too - much quicker than it took me! You see,when I stopped working at sea I stayed in the industry as a cruise ship recruitment consultant. I worked for some of the most desirable cruise lines in the world, including: Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, NCL, Holland America, Cunard and many more! What's more, I am solely responsible for helping thousands of people just like you get the job of their dreams - working onboard a luxury cruise ship, traveling the world while having the time of their lives! Heck, I even got people cruise ship jobs on the most famous and glamorous vessel in the world... ...the legendary QE2! "I joined the QE2 today as an Assistant Waitress. I just wanted to say that it's thanks to you that I am sitting on this ship right now - ready to embark on the most exciting times of my entire life! Thanks again." Sarah Williams, United Kingdom Here are just a FEW more reasons why you might enjoy the cruise ship lifestyle... * FREE excursions that passengers pay hundreds of dollars to do! Including; helicopter rides over Alaskan glaciers, Swimming with dolphins, whale watching, rain forest & island safaris, hovercraft rides over the Everglades, exploring ancient and modern cities, party & drinking cruises, free passes to top tourist attractions, elephant safari rides and much, much more! (This is not hype. I have done thousands of dollars worth of free excursions!). * Parties galore! Cabin parties, deck parties, beach parties, crew-bar parties often with free food and drink. This is where the REAL fun happens! Boy, have I got some fond memories :-) * Dirt cheap drinks for crew members (as low as $1 for a cocktail!) * Your own "crew" bar. The best bar on the ship where you ́ll meet and make many great friends - even partners! * Get paid weekly in US dollars - CASH! (Nothing beats the feeling of being handed wads of crisp dollar bills at the end of each week!) * Zero expenses. Nothing. Zippo. Nadda. This means you get to keep ALL the money you earn - every cent! * Use of state-of-the-art facilities (Including, high-tech gymnasium with sauna, Jacuzzi ́s & steam rooms!) Not to mention the superb sports facilities which can be available to crew (volleyball, basketball, racquetball, outdoor and indoor pools and jogging track!) * Free room, board and more free food than you can eat! * Reduced travel rates even FREE cruises for family and friends to come out and visit you (trust me - they ́ll LOVE you forever for this one!) * Airfare paid to and from your ship! ...The benefits go on and on! Perhaps this sounds like a pipe dream to you? Maybe too good to be true? It really isn ́t, you know. This is exactly how thousands of other people are choosing to live their lives right now, as we speak. This is exactly the life that YOU too could be living! And get this. More than 130,000 people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds are employed in this industry. People who ́ve quit the rat-race of home and are enjoying incredible life experiences, earning good money with none of the hassle of normal everyday living. No bills to pay, no cooking, no cleaning and no commitments (other than their job, of course!) What's more, they've discovered that it's a great way to travel the world for several months at a time - without the hassle, expense and danger of doing it alone. "Why shouldn't YOU be the one having fun in the sun?" Best of all, the good news is that there ́s absolutely nothing stopping you from joining them. No barriers at all. This is an industry where age, sex or race is NOT an obstacle. There is zero prejudice towards any particular groups of people. Whether you ́re male, female, young, old, black, white, Asian, gay, straight. You ́ll have exactly the same opportunities as the next person. Indeed, my first ship had 72 different nationalities working onboard - this is what makes it so unique, special and exciting! So there ́s plenty of opportunity - if you know what to do and how to go about it. "Just a short note to let you know things are going great and I have adapted well to the ship life. So far it has been an excellent and worthwhile experience - getting to see and explore so many different places, but also interacting with so many different cultures that work onboard is great. Thanks once again for all your help." Ann-Marie McInaw, Ireland If what you ́ve read so far doesn ́t get your juices flowing... If you don ́t feel a buzz of excitement building within you... if your mouth isn ́t watering at the prospect of experiencing this superb lifestyle... then maybe you should look elsewhere? I honestly don ́t think this is for you. On the other hand... If you ́re the type of person that aspires to a bit more in life...if you want travel, adventure and romance! And you want to meet people and make friends from all around the world...if you want to visit unique, exotic islands that few people ever get to see and enjoy amazing life experiences... ...and you're someone who wants something to tell the kids when they ́re older. And stories to make your friends at home jealous while they ́re stuck in their boring, tedious routines...but most importantly - you ́re someone who is prepared to work hard and play hard... Then this is definitely for you and you ́ll never regret it! Fact is, although there are 130,000 people working on cruise ships right ́s one of the hardest industry's to get unless you have access to the RIGHT information and know how to use it correctly - you ́re going to struggle. "Imagine if you had someone who REALLY knows what they ́re doing to guide you!" For the first time ever I've blown-open my personal vault. I ́ve left nothing to chance. I ́ve poured every possible little detail, all of my closely-guarded secrets...I ́ve scraped together all of my direct contacts...all of my little-known tricks, tips and previously un-disclosed information - into one complete never-seen-before package... It ́s called... Get a Cruise Ship Job! How to Get Paid to Travel the World Having the Best Time of Your Life! The International Best-Seller by Neil Maxwell Keys I wanted to put together something so detailed and yet so remarkably simple to follow that anybody could pick up and follow the quick and easy step-by-step instructions. Doing so could very easily land you a job on a cruise ship. If you ́re prepared to follow a few little simple instructions. Then you'll be given the specific information on what you need to do, who you need to talk to and how you should proceed. You're going to be presented with inside information you simply won ́t find anywhere else. "Your Book is Absolutely Priceless!" "I'm writing to tell you that your book is absolutely priceless!!!!!!!! Guess what?? I've got my dream job on a cruise liner!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only took four weeks from the time I dropped off my resume to get an interview! Neil I have only you to thank for your invaluable book!! I am so grateful to you and will recommend your book to whoever wants it. Once again many many thanks for everything!!" Crissi Proestos, Cyprus "The hard work has been done for you!" It means an end to the frustrating searches. No more time wasting. No more getting ripped-off by unscrupulous agencies and so-called online "resume distribution" services. No more mailing resumes to out-of-date addresses (there ́s a lot of free but POOR information out there!) Imagine the days, even weeks or months you ́ll save. This package contains everything you ́ll ever need. You ́ll have a shortcut to the people who do the hiring. And within a few short months you should be working in the job of your dreams. Living it up and having some serious fun in the sun! That ́s our promise. "I just got hired to work for Holland America!" "Thanks soooo much for your Get a Cruise Ship Job package. I just got hired to work for Holland America and I am really excited! Thanks so much again!!!" Amy Allara, South Africa Here ́s a taster of some of the secrets you will discover from this remarkable package... * How to get a cruise ship job even if you have little or no experience in anything! (page 65). * The quick and easy 10-step action plan for cruise ship success - start it'll have you moving toward your dream job faster than ever! (page 108). * The absolute best time of the year to apply for a cruise ship job (and when you definitely shouldn ́t!) (page 114). * The number 1 mistake applicants make that ensures their resume NEVER gets read! (page 109). * The TRUTH about cruise line "employment agency ́s" - and how to use them CORRECTLY! (page 107). cruise line employee image. * The little-known blockbuster technique that will boost your chances of getting a job by 247%! (page 110). * An inside "crew members review" of 25 of the world ́s top cruise lines. Knowing what the company is like before you work for them is VERY important (page 118). * Two critical "words" that you absolutely must understand before applying. And why not knowing them could spell disaster before you even get started! (page 17). * An insiders list of which positions you should definitely NOT apply for. Don ́t learn this the hard way! (page 70). * One "secret" to know BEFORE you apply that will almost guarantee you work the MINIMUM hours possible. And get more free time than you ́ll know what to do with! (page 58). * The true-story of the crew member who had 7 marriage proposals during his first 6-month contract. And it wasn ́t because of his looks and no he wasn ́t the captain! It was the "special" job he did! (page 79). * One almost magic way of getting a cruise ship job that NEVER fails! (page 112). * Complete in-depth review of over 180 cruise jobs with accurate descriptions, duties, benefits, requirements and typical salaries. * Real-life in-depth case study ́s written by crew members (discover what it ́s really like straight from the horses mouth!). Plus, along with all of this... ́ll receive my own jealously guarded directory of the most bang-up-to-date, comprehensive and painstakingly put together direct contact information you ́ll ever come across. It ́s called... "The A-Z Guide to the World ́s Hiring Cruise Lines Companies, Concessionaires & Staffing Agents!" Here ́s what you ́ll also get... * DIRECT contacts to the EXACT people who do the hiring. This is for every major and minor cruise line, concessionaire and staffing agent! (The only way to be successful is by contacting the RIGHT people for the right job) * DIRECT but little-known ́live ́ website links. Simply "point and click" on these links and you ́ll be taken directly to the "recruitment page" of major cruise lines (these pages are often kept deliberately hidden from the general public - for fear of being swamped by applicants!) * DIRECT email addresses of those who hire (and what you should NEVER put in your email!) * DIRECT postal addresses of the companies you need (and what the BEST days are to post your resume!) * DIRECT office phone and fax numbers and the CORRECT way to use them (phoning cruise lines directly can seriously damage your chances of success - unless you know this inside strategy!) * Insider's report on the top Cruise Lines: their customers, where they travel and whether they hire for your type of job. * Important new information on tons of large and small cruise line companies and a typical job listing for each Cruise Line. * New ship buildings through the year 2006 and beyond. * Essential facts about each ship - crucial information that you ́ll need before making your final decision. We even reveal the types of passengers you ́ll be dealing with. Want to get going now? Get the Report - Click here!! You see, this is more than just another "how to" ́s more than just a list of addresses and job descriptions... ́s a powerful cruise ship employment package. Jam-packed full of the very latest, inside information, expert advice and little-known secrets that will put you way ahead of the crowd. "You'll have the hard facts no other book dare tell you!" You probably realize already that this is no ordinary washed-down, sugar-coated book. I tell it like it is - no bull! A candid, honest and often humorous insight of what it ́s REALLY like to live and work onboard a cruise ship - warts and all! You ́ll discover the downsides as well as the fabulous upsides. And I think that ́s important. "I have been offered a hairstylist position with The Radisson Seven Seas Cruises." "I'm happy to report that I have been offered a hairstylist position with The Radisson Seven Seas Cruises. I cannot thank you enough it is all thanks to your book and the fantastic information you shared, so thanks again." Deanna May, Canada Look, I can ́t guarantee you a job on a luxury cruise ship (and neither can anybody else for that matter - except the cruise lines!) But by using my unique information, inside contacts and practical advice you ́ll give yourself the very best chance of success. What chance do you have without this information? What ́s more, it ́s written by someone who has worked at the very forefront of this industry. You will be taken by the hand and guided to one of the most exciting, rewarding careers and life experiences you can ever have. Grab your copy of our brand new package Get a Cruise Ship Job: How to Get Paid to Travel the World Having the Best Time of Your Life! Then read it. And put it to work...try out some of the tips, tricks and techniques we ́ll reveal to you - and watch the cruise line job offers roll in. This package gives you everything you ever need to get a job on a cruise ship. You could easily waste 12 months wandering around the internet trying to find this information yourself. "A Bargain at Twice the Price!" "Just dropping you a line to thank you for this book. I ́ve been thinking about working on ships for some time and have really been struggling to find the information I need to make it happen. "I don ́t think could have dreamed of anything as helpful as your book!!!! All my questions were answered and I had a giggle at the same time. It would be a bargain at twice the price. "I am feeling more positive than ever that this something I really want to do, and it ́s all down to you!! Thank you!!" Adrienne Woods, London What's more, because this is a "digital book" it means that we can keep this information bang-up-to-date. You ́ll never have to worry about out-dated addresses, wrong emails and non-existent websites again! What ́s more, you could be applying for your dream job within minutes of downloading this package - directly through the ́live ́ links I reveal! You could never do this with a printed version. We are anticipating an incredible demand for our "Get a Cruise Ship Job" package, the price will be rising very shortly to more accurately reflect the true value of this product. So don't delay, act now while you can still pick up this exceptional package, while this price is still good! As I ́m writing this, we ́re in the middle of the largest economic upswing since the 1990 ́s. And there are 42 new ships being planned for the next five years alone. As a result the world ́s biggest cruise lines are gearing-up their recruiting massively. Luckily for you, there ́s never been a better time to jump aboard! Let me boil it less than 5 minutes you could have, in your own two hands, a complete step-by-step guide crammed-full of the most practical essential information ever assembled on getting a job on a luxury cruise liner. Why don ́t you make an important decision and order your copy of 'Get a Cruise Ship Job!' TODAY? Because it contains everything you'll ever need to get a job working on the most luxurious cruise ships in the world - faster than ever. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get paid to travel the world... having the best time of your life!

Career Development for Health Professionals

Success in School & on the Job

Author: Lee Haroun

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323311261

Category: Medical personnel

Page: 346

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Master the skills you need to succeed in the classroom and as a health care professional! Filled with tips and strategies, Career Development for Health Professionals, 4th Edition provides the skills required to achieve four important goals: 1) complete your educational program, 2) think like a health care professional, 3) find the right jobs, and 4) attain long-term career success. This edition includes a new chapter on professionalism and online activities challenging you to apply what you've learned. Written by respected educator Lee Haroun, this practical resource helps you maximize your potential and grow into a competent, caring, well-rounded member of the health care team. Self-paced format with interactive exercises, stop-and-think review, and end-of-chapter quizzes allows you to work through the text independently. Conversational, easy-to-read style helps you understand concepts and skills by delivering information in small, easily absorbed chunks. Chapter objectives and key terms at the beginning of each chapter preview the material to be learned while reading the chapter. UPDATED on-the-job strategies and Success Tips focus on professional certification exams, the use of social media, general job requirements, online classroom learning, employment laws, and necessary skills and National Health Care Skill Standards. Prescriptions for Success and Resume Building Blocks emphasize the importance of a resume and how it is a 'work in progress' from the first day of a student's education.Prescription for Success exercises let you apply what you've learned to on-the-job situations. Useful Spanish Phrases appendix provides a quick reference for translations that will prove valuable in today's workplace. Student resources on the Evolve companion website include activities providing a chance to use critical thinking skills and apply content to health care jobs. NEW Becoming a Professional chapter defines professionalism as it relates to health care occupations, emphasizes its importance, and presents examples of professionals in action. NEW! Full-color photos and illustrations bring concepts and health care skills to life. NEW case studies offer a real-life look into school, job-search, and on-the-job situations. NEW study and job-search strategies explain how to study for classes, job applications, resumes and resume trends, guidelines to preparing different types of resumes (print, scannable, plain text, and e-mail versions), protecting against job scams, online job searching, and preparing for the job interview. NEW reference chart on the inside front cover provides an outline to the book's content, making it easy to find the information you need.

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ISBN: 802463001X

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The methodology of science is of a crucial importance for the building of science as a whole as well as for the forming of the different scientific branches. That is, it seeks (among other things) to find out what is the nature of the “scientific image of the world,” what is the substance of the “scientific law,” what methods and procedures could and should be used within scientific research. In the field of social sciences, these issues are also associated with the question of the nature of clarifying statements that social sciences provide. Are the statements of social sciences similar to the explanations from natural sciences, or is it rather a revelation of the meaning and understanding of social phenomena based on a clarification of the system of rules? Is social cognition by its nature a causal explanation and is it rather an interpretation? All these are questions of the methodological nature that show the way towards the answer with respect to the character of the resulting scientific statement based on the examined issues, and based on what the given scientific statement provides evidence. This publication attempts to look for the answers to these questions and to establish possible grounds for their solutions.

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The nation's #1 online resume service offers its exclusive advice on how to craft a winning resume The Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes draws upon the author's considerable expertise, as well as the vast database, to arm job seekers with: Sample resumes for every profession and job category, at every level, from entrylevel to executive A comprehensive database of keywords, arranged by industry Electronic job-hunting advice and strategies, with tips on how to make any resume stand out online A detailed Before & After resume trouble-shooting worksheet Job seekers will also find an exciting added value with this essential text. With the purchase of this book, they'll be able to receive a free resume consultation with one of's career consultants!

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Quantitative Data Analysis

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This book offers postgraduate and early career researchers in accounting and information systems a guide to choosing, executing and reporting appropriate data analysis methods to answer their research questions. It provides readers with a basic understanding of the steps that each method involves, and of the facets of the analysis that require special attention. Rather than presenting an exhaustive overview of the methods or explaining them in detail, the book serves as a starting point for developing data analysis skills: it provides hands-on guidelines for conducting the most common analyses and reporting results, and includes pointers to more extensive resources. Comprehensive yet succinct, the book is brief and written in a language that everyone can understand - from students to those employed by organizations wanting to study the context in which they work. It also serves as a refresher for researchers who have learned data analysis techniques previously but who need a reminder for the specific study they are involved in.

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Becoming Criminal

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This book consists of a fundamental deconstruction and reconstruction of the key concepts of Criminology and The Sociology of Law, providing a coherent expression of the relationships between these newly constructed concepts and thus a radically new statement of the relationship between society, crime and the law.

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A Step-by-Step Guide for the First-Time Researcher

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In this new edition of Your Research Project, Nicholas S.R. Walliman has made this bestselling book even better with the addition of a number of new features whilst retaining all the benefits of the original. New features include: more elaboration on the differing needs of masters and PhD students; a new overview of the entire research chronology from start to finish; student checklists throughout; a new chapter on research ethics; new sections on critical reading skills and compiling literature reviews; examples from a wide range of disciplines and a student glossary.

Handbook of Space Law

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The Handbook of Space Law addresses the legal and regulatory aspects of activities in outer space and major space applications from a comprehensive and structured perspective. It fundamentally addresses the dichotomy between the state-oriented characte

Contradictions and Conflict

A Dialectical Political Anthropology of a University in Western India

Author: Donald V. Kurtz

Publisher: BRILL

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Contradictions in an Indian university's caste, institutional and regional structures have impelled scholars as political agents to conflict for over forty years. This work demonstrates the value of a subject oriented dialectical political anthropology for analyzing political conflict and historical agency.

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Offers sample documents and stylistic advice for writing letters, memos, manuals, minutes, and resumes.

Science Policy, Ethics, and Economic Methodology

Some Problems of Technology Assessment and Environmental-Impact Analysis

Author: Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400964498

Category: Science

Page: 321

View: 8511

If indeed scientists and technologists, especially economists, set much of the agenda by which the future is played out, and I think they do, then the student of scientific methodology and public ethics has at least three options. He can embrace certain scientific methods and the value they hold for social decisionmaking, much as Milton Friedman has accepted neoclassical econom ics. Or, he can condemn them, regardless of their value, much as Stuart Hampshire has rejected risk-cost-benefit analysis (RCBA). Finally, he can critically assess these scientific methods and attempt to provide solutions to the problems he has uncovered. As a philosopher of science seeking the middle path between uncritical acceptance and extremist rejection of the economic methods used in policy analysis, I have tried to avoid the charge of being "anti science". Fred Hapgood, in response to my presentation at a recent Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science, said that my arguments "felt like" a call for rejection of the methods of risk-cost-benefit analysis. Not so, as Chapter Two of this volume should make eminently clear. All my criticisms are construc tive ones, and the flaws in economic methodology which I address are uncovered for the purpose of suggesting means of making good techniques better. Likewise, although I criticize the economic methodology by which many technology assessments (TA's) and environmental-impact analyses (EIA's) have been used to justify public projects, it is wrong to conclude that I am anti-technology.

Analysis and Algebra on Differentiable Manifolds

A Workbook for Students and Teachers

Author: Pedro M. Gadea,Jaime Muñoz Masqué,Ihor V. Mykytyuk

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400759525

Category: Mathematics

Page: 618

View: 4280

This is the second edition of this best selling problem book for students, now containing over 400 completely solved exercises on differentiable manifolds, Lie theory, fibre bundles and Riemannian manifolds. The exercises go from elementary computations to rather sophisticated tools. Many of the definitions and theorems used throughout are explained in the first section of each chapter where they appear. A 56-page collection of formulae is included which can be useful as an aide-mémoire, even for teachers and researchers on those topics. In this 2nd edition: • 76 new problems • a section devoted to a generalization of Gauss’ Lemma • a short novel section dealing with some properties of the energy of Hopf vector fields • an expanded collection of formulae and tables • an extended bibliography Audience This book will be useful to advanced undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics, theoretical physics and some branches of engineering with a rudimentary knowledge of linear and multilinear algebra.

Polish Essays in the Methodology of the Social Sciences

Author: J. Wiatr

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400993536

Category: Science

Page: 271

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Modern philosophy has benefited immensely from the intelligence, and sensitivity, the creative and critical energies, and the lucidity of Polish scholars. Their investigations into the logical and methodological foundations of mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, ethics and esthetics, psychology, linguistics, economics and jurisprudence, and the social science- all are marked by profound and imaginative work. To the centers of empiricist philosophy of science in Vienna, Berlin and Cambridge during the first half of this century, one always added the great school of analytic and methodol ogical studies in Warsaw and Lwow. To the world centers of Marxist theoretical practice in Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Rome and elsewhere, one must add the Poland of the same era, from Ludwik Krzywicki (1859-1941) onward. American socialists and economists will remember the careful work of Oscar Lange, working among us for many years and then after 1945 in Warsaw, always humane, logical, objective. In this volume, our friend and colleague, Jerzy J. Wiatr, has assembled a representative set of recent essays by Polish social scientists and philosophers. Each of these might lead the reader far beyond this book, to look into the Polish Sociological Bulletin which has been publishing Polish sociological studies in English for several decades, to study other translations of books and papers by these authors, and to reflect upon the interplay of logical, phenomenological, Marxist, empiricist and historical learning in modern Polish social understanding.

Halmahera and Beyond

Social Science Research in the Moluccas

Author: Leontine E. Visser

Publisher: Koninklyk Instituut Voor Taal Land

ISBN: 9789067180726

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Author: Nikhil Marwah

Publisher: Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited

ISBN: 9788184484199

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- Enable all dentists, undergraduate and postgraduate students and those preparing for entrance examinations to understand the subject and procedures in Pedodontics in a much quicker and efficient manner. The essence of this book is quick understanding, reference and revision in minimum time.

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This book both argues for, and demonstrates, a new turn to dialectic. Marxs Capital was clearly influenced by Hegels dialectical figures: here, case by case, the significance of these is clarified. More, it is argued that, instead of the dialectic of the rise and fall of social systems, what is needed is a method of articulating the dialectical relations characterising a given social whole. Marx learnt from Hegel the necessity for a systematic development, and integration, of categories; for example, the category of value can be fully comprehended only in the context of the totality of capitalist relations. These studies thus shed new light on Marxs great work, while going beyond it in many respects.This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details"