Cornflower Blue

A Case for Milena Lukin

Author: Christian Schünemann,Jelena Volic

Publisher: Haus Publishing

ISBN: 1908323973

Category: Fiction

Page: 297

View: 639

Based on true events, Cornflower Blue is a tense thriller that explores the troubled legacy of the Bosnian War. On the night of the eleventh of July, two elite Serbian soldiers are on sentry duty at the Topcider military camp. The next morning, they are found dead. A military court declares them victims of a ritual suicide, and the investigation is closed. But inconsistencies in the official tribunal draw criminologist Milena Lukin to the case. What did the two guardsmen see on that fateful night, a date marking the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide? Up against a military complex with a history to hide, Milena soon finds herself in grave danger. Meticulously researched and rich in historical detail, Cornflower Blue is a gripping tale that bravely addresses one of the darkest hours in Europe’s recent history. “An exciting thriller, a story about the worst depths of human nature—but also a clever, nostalgic, loving homage to Belgrade and its inhabitants.”—Der Tagesspiegel, on the German edition

Red & Soviet Military and Paramilitary Services

Female Uniforms 1941-1991: (officer and Enlisted Personnel)

Author: Adrian Streather

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1845840674

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 128

View: 6332

This book covers all uniforms issued and worn by female officers and enlisted personnel from 1941 to 1991. It features a well researched and illustrated history cataloguing each type of uniform produced, the period it was approved in, and how it was made.

Composition Journal

Soft Cover, Cornflower Blue, 110 Lined Pages 8. 5x11

Author: Suzanne's Dezigns

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722144319


Page: 110

View: 4593

Composition Journal Notebook. Soft cover Size 8.5 x 11 inches 110 college lined pages.

Dot Grid Journal

Large Dot Grid Journal. Soft Cover, Cornflower Blue, 110 Pages 8. 5x11

Author: Suzanne's Dezigns

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722144753


Page: 110

View: 8100

Dot Grid Journal Notebook. Soft cover Size 8.5 x 11 inches 110 bullet pages. Perfect for your projects or as a gift.

Lined Journal

Large Journal. Soft Cover, Cornflower Blue, 110 Pages 8. 5x11

Author: Suzanne's Dezigns

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722145088


Page: 110

View: 5994

Lined Journal Notebook. Soft cover Size 8.5 x 11 inches 110 lined pages.


Everything about History, Care, Nutrition, Handling, and Behavior

Author: Robert Goldstein

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764116537

Category: Pets

Page: 95

View: 300

Provides detailed information on Betta varieties and how to care for them.


Universal Language and Dictionary of Names

Author: Kenneth Low Kelly,Deane Brewster Judd

Publisher: N.A


Category: Colors

Page: 177

View: 8737


The German Army in World War I (3)


Author: Nigel Thomas

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1780965761

Category: History

Page: 48

View: 2508

This third volume of a mini-series covering the German forces in World War I examines the troops that fought during the climax of the war on all fronts: the last great battles of attrition in the West (Arras, Messines, 3rd Ypres Passchendaele/Langemarck and Cambrai, 1917) and the collapse of Russia in the East. The 'Kaiserschlacht' campaign is covered, as are the German operations in Italy, the Balkans, and in support of Turkey in the Middle East. Uniform changes during this period reflected the introduction of new tactics and weapons and new types of troops, such as tanks and assault battalions.

Undies in a Bunch

Author: Louise Cazley

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1456739492

Category: Humor

Page: 244

View: 740

UNDIES IN A BUNCH, is a collection of true-taled short stories and abstract poems. In UNDIES IN A BUNCH, Louise Cazley recounts hilarious, unpleasant, bizarre and positive episodes of her life. Whether she is asking her mother to purchase her condoms at the youthful age of nine or expressing a fondness for things usually overlooked by most, Louise does not shy away from exposing herself and enlightening readers with her reflective humor. Louise verbally illustrates her experiences in a fashion that will force you to contemplate, appreciate and at the very least, crack a smile. This timely comedy and romantic layer of stories will keep you intrigued until the very last page.

The Chemistry of Nonaqueous Solvents III

Author: J.J. Lagowski

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0323151035

Category: Science

Page: 422

View: 6384

The Chemistry of Nonaqueous Solvents, Volume III: Inert, Aprotic, and Acidic Solvents is a compilation of critical surveys of specific solvent systems. The compendium contains discussions on the solution chemistry of sulfur dioxide and acyl halides; the solvent properties of hydrogen sulfide and carboxylic acids; and the Bronsted acid-base behavior in inert organic solvents. Chemists, researchers, and students of chemistry and chemical engineering will find the book a good reference material.

The Blue Cornflower

Author: Joan Eadith

Publisher: Sphere

ISBN: 9780751510133

Category: Manchester (England)

Page: 326

View: 8186

Manchester 1907. Milly nurses ambitions to study art, but though she has talent, she lacks money. The nearest she gets to her dream is a cleaning job at the art school. She make friends with a group of students, among them Hew Edmundson; but will their relationship ever develop into love?

Indigo Blue

Author: Cathy Cassidy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101006993

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

View: 4863

Indigo's mum has had it with her boyfriend, and has moved her girls out of their cozy home and into "the flat from hell." Indie is not about to show anyone how it really feels, especially not her best friend, Jo. But the truth is, the neighborhood is bad, the heat's useless, and there's little to eat. It's hard for Indie to ignore such a drastic change—but with a little sister who's too small to understand and a mum who's feeling desperate, Indie is the one who's got to take charge.

Line Color Form

The Language of Art and Design

Author: Jesse Day

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1621532801

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 4609

Design students today are more visually literate than ever before, and their learning style naturally favors the visual over the textual. So why should they learn art and design theory from a traditional textbook? The only guide of its kind, Line Color Form offers a thorough introduction to design theory and terminology in a visually appealing and accessible format. With hundreds of illustrations and minimal text, this primer was created with visual learners in mind, making it ideal for art students as well as those for whom English is a second language. Each chapter focuses on a single aspect of visual composition, such as line, color, or material. After an illustrated discussion of fundamental vocabulary, the chapters move on to applications of the concepts covered. These applications are again demonstrated through images, including photographs, color wheels, significant works of art, and other visual aids. Each image is accompanied by a descriptive paragraph offering an example of how the vocabulary can be applied in visual analysis. The book culminates with a section on formal analysis, aimed at teaching readers how to express their observations in formal writing and critical discourse. With its emphasis on the visual, this unique guide is a highly effective learning tool, allowing readers to gain an ownership and mastery of terms that will benefit them academically and professionally. Whether you are a design educator, student, or professional, native or non-native English speaker, this bright and concise reference is a must.

Introductory Programming with Simple Games

Using Java and the Freely Available Networked Game Engine

Author: Brian C. Ladd,Christopher James Jenkins

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470212845

Category: Computers

Page: 506

View: 3152

This is an excellent resource for programmers who need to learn Java but aren’t interested in just reading about concepts. Introduction to Java Programming with Games follows a spiral approach to introduce concepts and enable them to write game programs as soon as they start. It includes code examples and problems that are easy to understand and motivates them to work through to find the solutions. This game-motivated presentation will help programmers quickly apply what they’ve learned in order to build their skills.