A Schoolteacher In Old Alaska

The Story of Hannah Breece

Author: Jane Jacobs

Publisher: Vintage Canada

ISBN: 030736707X

Category: History

Page: 336

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When Hannah Breece came to Alaska in 1904, it was a remote lawless wilderness of prospectors, murderous bootleggers, tribal chiefs, and Russian priests. She spent fourteen years educating Athabascans, Aleuts, Inuit and Russians with the stubborn generosity of a born teacher and the clarity of an original and independent mind. Jane Jacobs, Hannah's great-niece, here offers an historical context to Breece's remarkable eyewitness account, filling in the narrative gaps, but always allowing the original words to ring clearly. It is more than an adventure story: it is a powerful work of women's history that provides important—and, at times, unsettling—insights into the unexamined assumptions and attitudes that governed white settlers’ behaviour toward native communities at the turn of the century.

A Schoolteacher in Old Alaska

The Story of Hannah Breece

Author: Hannah Breece

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307490548

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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When Hannah Breece came to Alaska in 1904, it was a remote lawless wilderness of prospectors, murderous bootleggers, tribal chiefs, and Russian priests. She spent fourteen years educating Athabascans, Aleuts, Inuits, and Russians with the stubborn generosity of a born teacher and the clarity of an original and independent mind. Jane Jacobs, Hannah's great-niece, here offers an historical context to Breece's remarkable eyewitness account, filling in the narrative gaps, but always allowing the original words to ring clearly. It is more than an adventure story: it is a powerful work of women's history that provides important--and, at times, unsettling--insights into the unexamined assumptions and attitudes that governed white settler's behavior toward native communities at the turn of the century. "An unforgettable...story of a remarkable woman who lived a heroic life."--The New York Times From the Trade Paperback edition.


The Wonderful True Love Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness

Author: Robert Specht

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307434664

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 464

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The beloved real-life story of a woman in the Alaskan wilderness, the children she taught, and the man she loved “From the time I’d been a girl, I’d been thrilled with the idea of living on a frontier. So when I was offered the job of teaching school in a gold-mining settlement called Chicken, I accepted right away.” Anne Hobbs was only nineteen in 1927 when she came to harsh and beautiful Alaska. Running a ramshackle schoolhouse would expose her to more than just the elements. After she allowed Native American children into her class and fell in love with a half-Inuit man, she would learn the meanings of prejudice and perseverance, irrational hatred and unconditional love. “People get as mean as the weather,” she discovered, but they were also capable of great good. As told to Robert Specht, Anne Hobbs’s true story has captivated generations of readers. Now this beautiful new edition is available to inspire many more. “The memoir reads like an old-fashioned novel, a heartwarming love story with the added interest of frontier hardships and vividly portrayed characters.”—Publishers Weekly

The Year of Miss Agnes

Author: Kirkpatrick Hill

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439131791

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

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A year they'll never forget Ten-year-old Frederika (Fred for short) doesn't have much faith that the new teacher in town will last very long. After all, they never do. Most teachers who come to their one-room schoolhouse in remote, Alaska leave at the first smell of fish, claiming that life there is just too hard. But Miss Agnes is different -- she doesn't get frustrated with her students, and she throws away old textbooks and reads Robin Hood instead! For the first time, Fred and her classmates begin to enjoy their lessons and learn to read and write -- but will Miss Agnes be like all the rest and leave as quickly as she came?

Last Letters from Attu

The True Story of Etta Jones, Alaska Pioneer and Japanese POW

Author: Mary Breu

Publisher: Graphic Arts Books

ISBN: 0882408526

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 319

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Etta Jones was not a World War II soldier or a war time spy. She was an American school teacher who in 1941 who along with her husband, Foster agreed to teach the Natives on the remote Aleutian island of Attu. They were both sixty-two years old when they left Alaska's mainland for Attu against the advice of friends and family. Etta, and her sister moved to the Territory of Alaska in 1922. She planned to stay only one year as a vacation, but this 40 something year old nurse from back east met Foster Jones and fell in love. She married and for nearly twenty years they taught in remote Alaskan villages including their last posting on Attu Island at the far end of the Aleutian island chain. Etta's life changed forever on that Sunday morning in June 1942 when almost 2,000 Japanese military men invaded Attu Island and Etta became a prisoner of war. She was taken from American soil to Japan and given up for dead. This is the story of a brave American, a woman of courage and resolve with inextinguishable spirit.

Arctic Schoolteacher

Kulukak, Alaska, 1931-1933

Author: Abbie Morgan Madenwald

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806126111

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 222

View: 9605

Tells the author's story of how she and her husband ventured to Alaska during the Depression to teach and work with the Eskimos

Accidental Lessons

A Memoir of a Rookie Teacher and a Life Renewed

Author: David W. Berner

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1606933914

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 174

View: 1328

In the middle of painful personal times, Chicago journalist Berner makes a decision that changes his life forever--he takes a job in a public school outside Chicago where the students are representations of society's "throw-aways."

Dark Boundary

Author: Anne Purdy

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 178720538X

Category: History

Page: 89

View: 5790

First published in 1954, this book is an intriguing glimpse into the early days of the Alaskan village of Eagle, along the Yukon River. Anne Purdy, author of bestselling book Tisha, tells the story surrounding the lives of the Eagle Village Indians. She describes the end of the Gold Rush era changes that took place in the early part of the twentieth century, painting a vivid picture of life’s struggles here and of a woman who reaches out to those in desperate need of love and care. A tale of joy and sadness, with a final twist.

Summers Off

The Worldwide Adventures of a Schoolteacher

Author: Larry "Jungle" Shortell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462006086

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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In this alphabetic journey around the world, author Larry "Jungle" Shortell shares tales from his most memorable moments. Since embarking on his travels more than twenty years ago, Shortell has completed two around-the-world trips, explored more than eighty countries, set foot on all seven continents, and visited each of the fifty states in the United States. "Summers Off: The Worldwide Adventures of a Schoolteacher" narrates stories about his travels in Aruba, Alaska, Africa, Australia, Belize, the Caribbean, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Fiji, Germany, Hawaii, Honduras, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This travel memoir describes his exploits as he battles a chigger, a caterpillar, and an octopus (not to mention roving hoards of onions). Shortell shares his encounters with whales, koalas, sharks, snakes, gators, and even mermaids! And he recounts the thrills of skydiving, bungee jumping, SCUBA diving, and the occasional nudity in unexpected places. "Summers Off" not only captures the essence of Shortell's zest for life and adventure, it also communicates the personal growth and understanding that can be gained through travel.

The Great Quake

How the Biggest Earthquake in North America Changed Our Understanding of the Planet

Author: Henry Fountain

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group (NY)

ISBN: 1101904062

Category: History

Page: 277

View: 2000

"In the tradition of Erik Larson's Isaac's Storm, a riveting narrative about the biggest earthquake in recorded history in North America--the 1964 Alaskan earthquake that demolished the city of Valdez and obliterated the coastal village of Chenega--and the scientist sent to look for geological clues to explain the dynamics of earthquakes, who helped to confirm the then controversial theory of plate tectonics. On March 27, 1964, at 5:36 p.m., the biggest earthquake ever recorded in North America--and the second biggest ever in the world, measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale--struck Alaska, devastating coastal towns and villages and killing more than 130 people in what was then a relatively sparsely populated region. In a riveting tale about the almost unimaginable brute force of nature, New York Times science journalist Henry Fountain, in his first trade book, re-creates the lives of the villagers and townspeople living in Chenega, Anchorage, and Valdez; describes the sheer beauty of the geology of the region, with its towering peaks and 20-mile-long glaciers; and reveals the impact of the quake on the towns, the buildings, and the lives of the inhabitants. George Plafker, a geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey with years of experience scouring the Alaskan wilderness, is asked to investigate the Prince William Sound region in the aftermath of the quake, to better understand its origins. His work confirmed the then controversial theory of plate tectonics that explained how and why such deadly quakes occur, and how we can plan for the next one"--

Midnight Wilderness

Journeys in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Author: Debbie Miller

Publisher: Braided River

ISBN: 9781594856341

Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 8052

CLICK HERE to download the first 40 pages of Midnight Wilderness * Presents the original foreword by Margaret E. Murie * Features a new afterword by the author, providing context for the Refuge today * Includes a new map and an updated bibliography Originally published more than twenty years ago, Midnight Wilderness is a passionate and vivid account of one of Alaska's greatest natural treasures, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Author Debbie Miller draws on her years of exploring this unique, magical, and expansive territory, weaving chilling adventure, personal anecdote, wildlife observation, and Native American life into a beautiful and compelling memoir of place. Proceeds from sales of this book will benefit the Alaska Wilderness League in its ongoing efforts to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Bo at Ballard Creek

Author: Kirkpatrick Hill

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

ISBN: 0805098941

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

View: 6890

It's the 1920s, and Bo was headed for an Alaska orphanage when she won the hearts of two tough gold miners who set out to raise her, enthusiastically helped by all the kind people of the nearby Eskimo village. Bo learns Eskimo along with English, helps in the cookshack, learns to polka, and rides along with Big Annie and her dog team. There's always some kind of excitement: Bo sees her first airplane, has a run-in with a bear, and meets a mysterious lost little boy. Bo at Ballard Creek by Kirkpatrick Hill is an unforgettable story of a little girl growing up in the exhilarating time after the big Alaska gold rushes.

Our Sarah

Made in Alaska

Author: Chuck Heath, Sr.,Chuck Heath, Jr.

Publisher: Center Street

ISBN: 1455516260

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 5817

We may think we know Sarah Palin from all the coverage she has received in the political arena, but one-side depictions but media coverage is limited and, Sarah would even say, biased. OUR SARAH is also a bit biased since it's written by Sarah's dad and brother with contributions from many friends and colleagues--these are the people who know her--and love her--best. Combining the appeal of Sarah Palin's bestselling book, Going Rogue, with the flavor of the hugely successful TV show "Sarah Palin's Alaska," here are intimate stories from Sarah's life along with a celebration of growing up in and sharing all that Alaska means to Sarah and her family. Sarah's dad and brother share great family stories of life in the last frontier--from hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and gold-mining, to marathon running, teaching and community service--first in small ways and then on a national stage. Structured around themes of family, faith, independence, resilience, character, risk-taking and adventure--here is a full and loving portrait of where Sarah Palin came from and what made her the person she is today.

Silicon Snake Oil

Second Thoughts on the Information Highway

Author: Clifford Stoll

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385419945

Category: Computers

Page: 249

View: 5507

Offers a critical look at the hyperbole surrounding the Internet and the future uses of computer networks, and discusses the false assumptions concerning the true benefits of computers


Author: Michael Northrop

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0545332494

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

View: 1573

The day the blizzard started, no one knew that it was going to keep snowing for a week. That for those in its path, it would become not just a matter of keeping warm, but of staying alive. . . . Scotty and his friends Pete and Jason are among the last seven kids at their high school waiting to get picked up that day, and they soon realize that no one is coming for them. Still, it doesn't seem so bad to spend the night at school, especially when distractingly hot Krista and Julie are sleeping just down the hall. But then the power goes out, then the heat. The pipes freeze, and the roof shudders. As the days add up, the snow piles higher, and the empty halls grow colder and darker, the mounting pressure forces a devastating decision. . . . Michael Northrop is the New York Times bestselling author of TombQuest, an epic book and game adventure series featuring the magic of ancient Egypt. He is also the author of Trapped, an Indie Next List Selection, and Plunked, a New York Public Library best book of the year and an NPR Backseat Book Club selection. An editor at Sports Illustrated Kids for many years, he now writes full-time from his home in New York City. Learn more at www.michaelnorthrop.net.

Polar Polka

Counting Polar Bears in Alaska

Author: Cherie B. Stihler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570615207

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 2230

As ten polar bears play the Polar Polka on an iceberg, pieces keep snapping away, decreasing their numbers but making room for a host of other animals to join the fun. Includes notes on what individuals can do to slow down global warming and protect the polar bear's environment.

First Peoples of Alaska

Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage

Author: Aron Crowell

Publisher: Smithsonian

ISBN: 1588342700

Category: Art

Page: 304

View: 6448

"Companion volume to the exhibition of the same name opening at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, May 2010"--T.p. verso.

Systems of Survival

A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics

Author: Jane Jacobs

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0525432884

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 5642

With intelligence and clarity of observation, the author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities addresses the moral values that underpin working life. In Systems of Survival, Jane Jacobs identifies two distinct moral syndromes—one governing commerce, the other, politics—and explores what happens when these two syndromes collide. She looks at business fraud and criminal enterprise, government’s overextended subsidies to agriculture, and transit police who abuse the system the are supposed to enforce, and asks us to consider instances in which snobbery is a virtue and industry a vice. In this work of profound insight and elegance, Jacobs gives us a new way of seeing all our public transactions and encourages us towards the best use of our natural inclinations.

Toughboy and Sister

Author: Kirkpatrick Hill

Publisher: Perfection Learning

ISBN: 9780780711938


Page: N.A

View: 1713

Eleven-year-old John, known as Toughboy, and his younger sister must fend for themselves at their isolated family fish camp on the Yukon when their father vanishes on a drinking binge.

Flowers in the Snow

The Life of Isobel Wylie Hutchison

Author: Gwyneth Hoyle

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803224032

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 269

View: 9762

Over the course of a dozen years, Scottish plant collector Isobel Wylie Hutchison (1889?1982) explored northern latitudes from the Lofoten Islands of Norway to the far reaches of the American Aleutians. To achieve her goals, she traveled by any means available, from rowboats in Greenland to trading schooners and coast-guard vessels in Alaska. When necessary, she journeyed by snowshoe or sled in pursuit of her botanical specimens, accompanied only by strangers who served as guides. In Flowers in the Snow, Gwyneth Hoyle paints a vivid portrait of a woman gloriously out of the step with the conventions of her time.