Deliverance from Marine Spirits

Deliverance from Marine Spirits

Written by: Daniel C. Okpara

  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: 2016-11-01
  • ISBN-10: 1539843238
  • ebook-deliverance-from-marine-spirits.pdf

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Book Summary

MARINE SPIRITS...WHAT ARE THEY? HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM AND DEFEAT THEM PERMANENTLY Marine spirits are the princes and princesses of the sea (Ezekiel 26:16). This class of demons are responsible for all the whoredom our world is living with today. They perpetrate the highest level of wickedness against mankind in the form of filth, defilements, sexual bondages, depravity, marital breakups and disillusionments. . Apart from the very visible penetration of marine spirits in our society today, influencing the music, fashion and film industries, these spirits also oppress people by coming to have sex with them in the dream or even claim to be married to them, resulting in what is called spiritual husband or spiritual wife. This spiritual union eventually becomes a ground for the devil to cut the victims out of their blessings in Christ and keep them in pains and sufferings.. Deliver Yourself from Marine Spirits - Spirit Husband or Spirit Wife - Today Spiritual husband or spiritual wife is not just a feel-good preaching or get scared talk to impress anyone. They are a reality that we are faced with in our world. They have become one of the powerful devices of the devil that we should not be ignorant about. These demons who will take different forms usually give notice of their presence to their victims by coming regularly in the dream to have sexual union with them. Sometimes the victims will have dreams of having children and living married, while in the physical, the reverse is the case. These spiritual defilements, if not checked, will become a platform for the devil to create several forms of oppressions and attacks on the subjects and stop them from being blessed in many ways. In this book, I take you on a journey to discover the antics of these class of demons and then defeat them permanently and command your blessings. This book provides you great prayers and declarations to bring to an end the operation of marine spirits - spirit wives and spirit husbands - permanently.

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